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Severe Morning Sickness All Day

I'm on my 10th week. And I feel so miserable. Could'nt get out of bed, can't even go to work. I can't eat anything. Whenever I try to eat, after a few second I came rushing down to the bathroom to vomit. Even when i drink water i'll have to vomit. It is so hard. All I do is cry to my husband. I feel so weak and miserable. 

This morning sickness is not only in the morning but also in the afternoon and evening and even before I go sleep I have to vomit.

Re: Severe Morning Sickness All Day

  • I'm so sorry. Luckily, you're approaching the second trimester which should hopefully bring some relief. ((Creepy internet hugs)).
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  • I'm so sorry. Have you tried any anti-nausea medications? If not I would definitely recommend you call your doctor and try something. There are a few good ones that many people find really help. I hope you find relief soon!
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  • shevaCCshevaCC member
    Have you checked in with your doctor and/or gone into the hospital to get fluids? Not being able to keep water down sounds much worse than typical morning sickness (HG?) and you need to worry about staying hydrated. If you haven't already please call your doctor and if you can't be seen today, head in to the ER for fluids.
  • Call your doctor! You have to be able to keep fluids down, if you can't they will give you diclegis and it helps .... I had this type of MS and the meds didn't get rid of it but I was able to get food and fluids down and that's most important 
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