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What's your favorite temperature outside?

shevaCCshevaCC member
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When someone says "the weather is PERFECT!" what temperature does that mean to you? Sorry Canadians, I only speak Fahrenheit! Feeling the urge to click on things today so starting some polls.

What's your favorite temperature outside? 68 votes

30s (or below)
2% 2 votes
0% 0 votes
0% 0 votes
2% 2 votes
20% 14 votes
33% 23 votes
23% 16 votes
13% 9 votes
2% 2 votes

Re: What's your favorite temperature outside?

  • msu_galmsu_gal member
    In AZ, anything under 80 is really cold!  B)
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  • shevaCCshevaCC member
    msu_gal said:
    In AZ, anything under 80 is really cold!  B)
    In Seattle, anything over 65 is balmy! Though...I grew up in NC so hold out until 70 for shorts.
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  • I love our New England falls. I picked 65-70. But I like anywhere between 60 and 70. I hate the summer. 

  • ***

    Farenheit confuses the hell out of me. I like warm. 
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  • I voted 75-80 because that's what I want right now. Usually I prefer 50's-60's and layering/sweater weather though.
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  • SheybreSheybre member
    I'm from Texas. Anything above 75 and below 100 is perfect. B)
  • I voted 75-80. I'm chronically cold so that's about perfect for me. 
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  • @alexlindzz I'm chronically cold too! I voted 80-85. I like it hot enough that I can open my windows at work when the AC is too cold and get warm. I hate being cold!
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  • I love love love cold weather!! 30's so I can cuddle seems like perfection to me
  • banfrogbanfrog member
    F to C conversion

    30 = -1
    40 = 4
    50 = 10
    60-65 = 16 -18
    65-70 = 18-21
    70-75 = 21-24
    75-80 = 24-27
    80-85 = 27-29
    85+ = 29+
  • I love 60-65... Cool enough to wear a long sleeve and pants... if i want to... warm enough for a tshirt... Can work outside without sweating like a pig. Minimal bugs... 

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  • I like it hot out. That being said, it's not like I run or do manual labor outside. And I only like dry heat, no humidity. I just love the summer and 90 degree days. We moved last June from an area where the summers were hot (90-100 but dry heat!) to an area most would love where it's usually in the 70s-low 80s. I hated it. I felt like summer didn't exist and it was already fall. A never ending fall because winter was still in the 60s. 
  • I'd like to point out that I think the highest option you gave us still about 15-25 degrees to cool for me. Bring on those 100s. I can not get enough of them.
  • I like it somewhere between "oh it's nice out" and "my crotch is sweating" 
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