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How many Malcolms do you know

So, I know it's nutty but ever since we chose Malcolm for our baby due in July, I have heard it all over. I saw a woman I barely know post about her son Malcolm on fb and someone else comments "that's my son's name too!" Is there some boom happening or am I just tuned into this name now. I've read the social security stats and everything but I'm interested in your personal experience. How many do you know? 

Re: How many Malcolms do you know

  • Anytime you pick a name I think this happens. At least it did with all three of mine. I have only ever known one Malcolm. I love it and it's not super popular

  • I do this with vehicles! LOL I'll be thinking, "oh I never see this car in this color, let's get one!" For the next few months, it will be EVERY OTHER CAR!! So weird how it happens. It's because the name is on your radar now. I don't know anyone with this name. I'm from the Midwest. 
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  • I know one and he was just born a couple of weeks ago. This name is still on my list and not leaving anytime soon... I don't see it blowing up like Henry or Rhys. It's quirkier.
  • I know of a father and son who are both named Malcom, but it isn't a name I see often at all. I wouldn't worry about it. 
  • I don't know any.....and I know a lot of kids!
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  • I know one and he was just born a couple of weeks ago. This name is still on my list and not leaving anytime soon... I don't see it blowing up like Henry or Rhys. It's quirkier.
    See, it's funny because I know about 400 Henrys. I loved Henry when I was pregnant with my daughter 4 years ago and knew exactly 1 Henry then.  I don't want to pick a name about to explode if I can help it. 
  • Eko14Eko14
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    Never met a real life Malcolm. Only know of the character from Shakespeares Macbeth and Malcom in the Middle tv show.
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  • I've never met a Malcolm
  • None!  
  • I don't know any and its not really a name I've seen talked about a lot either. That said, I don't know/am not around too many kids!
  • I've taught in an elementary school for 10 years and have only met 1 Malcolm. Nice name.
  • LNic5LNic5
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    I personally don't know any children named Malcolm, but I love it!!
  • It's a brain thing. It's called the Frequency Illusion. When something you've thought of recently seems to be everywhere. 

    I've known two kids named Malcolm, but I come from a place where names of that sort are common. 

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  • I know two Malcolms, but they're both adults. I haven't heard it on any little boys lately (but all of my friends like hot mess youniquely spelled trendy names).
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  • I don't know a single Malcolm. Never have.
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  • I do medieval recreation, and within that context I know a handful of Malcolms. However, I don't think I've ever met a kid whose real name was Malcolm. I'm also in the Midwest.
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  • aj1327aj1327
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    None. And I was a teacher.
  • I work with 1 who is a middle aged British man. And I know a new baby with the name. H had one at his high school (12 years ago). I like it a lot and don't think it's going to all of a sudden boom. I feel like people are all about nicknames and they get turned off by something like this that doesn't really have a shortened version/nickname (I love that aspect, just saying many others don't).
  • The only Malcolm I know is in the middle.
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  • None

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  • Gladwell and X! 
  • I know one, an elderly man.  He has always gone by Mac.
  • Latina211508Latina211508
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    I have never known a malcolm. 
  • tmk0325tmk0325
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    None here!
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    But it's on my list, so maybe it's poised for a boom??
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  • I have never met one in my entire existence on this planet. 
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