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How did you announce

For the mommy's that know the gender how did you announce it? 

Re: How did you announce

  • I posted a pic of the ultrasound (her profile, not between the legs) and said baby #2 is a girl. 
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  •  I just posted this and said first purchase for baby GIRL has arrived.

    TTC 9/2013

    BFP#1: 9/28/2013, EDD 5/28/13, MC confirmed 10/15/13, D&C 10/17/13

    BFP#2: 1/10/2014, EDD 9/19/2014


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  • I just announced the pregnancy two weeks ago on Facdbook but we're keeping the sex of the baby a secret from family and friends (our parents already know). At one of my baby showers my step mother in law will have a strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting so when we cut into it it'll show pink for a girl! So we're kind of having a gender reveal at my shower. I'll probably just post a pic of that on Facebook or something.

  • Me - 33; DH - 33
    Dating 1/18/06
    Married 9/21/13
    BFP #1 12/15/15 - C Born 8/27/16
    BFP #2 1/10/20 - EDD 9/8/20

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  • We're not revealing our baby's gender but if we were, this would be it! Such a cute idea!!! 
  • I took a pic of my youngest son holding up the ultrasound pic, and sitting outside on the top of the steps that I had written It's a Boy and #boymom on, with sidewalk chalk.
  • We had our two oldest shoot blue silly string at each other and we recorded it. They had no idea that the baby is going to be a boy, so it surprised them too.
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    We mailed these to our families when we found out at 13 weeks. Mine was in Florida for the winter, and my in laws are across the country. Social media, we sorta announced when someone asked after I put up our 20 week US, and I answered. Lol.

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