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Are you going on a "babymoon"?

Are you and your partner taking one last epic vacation before this little one is born? Or is your family going somewhere before you have a newborn in the house again? Maybe just dreaming about a vacation? Tell us about it!

Re: Are you going on a "babymoon"?

  • ShallowSeasShallowSeas member
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    Me and H's anniversary is 9/6 so we always take a long Labor Day weekend getaway.  We're still talking about what we're doing this year, but we plan on doing something.  Right now we're thinking about going up to Lake Michigan.  I guess this could be considered our 'babymoon' as well :)
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  • Unfortunately, I need to use my annual vacation days for maternity leave so we cannot take a long vacation as we wanted. We love camping, we are thinking doing a 3-4 day camping trip to either Maine or Adirondacks. Before the pregnancy , we were planning to spend few weeks in Europe and north Africa this summer  but it will not be possible anymore:(
  • Our anniversary is 9/4 and we typically go away for the weekend around that time so like @ShallowSeas we may just combine the two.   We didn't have one with our first and since this is our last - why not lol.

  • I think so! H always takes a trip to New Mexico in August to teach at a college conference and to recruit for the admissions office of the seminary he went to for his MDiv, so I may join him for that. If I do, we'll either go down before or stay after the conference so that we can do some traveling around the area. I've never been out west, but I've always wanted to, so I'm hoping I'll feel up to joining him!
    Also our anniversary is 9/12, so we might try to take a little trip for that as well, whether or not I join him in New Mexico. It'll all depend on where we end up, what his work schedule is like, and how I'm feeling by then, so we'll see!
  • Yes!! Already worked into the budget, but I don't know where I want to go. We're in SoCal so I'm thinking Santa Barbara or Malibu? Too many choices. I haven't decided yet. 
  • We're going to Maine as well. His parents have a cabin on a lake up there, so we'll go up for a long weekend. Kinda low key to call it a babymoon, but I'm still looking forward to it.
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  • I'd love to, but H has a start-up... I don't think he'll be able to take the time and also take a week or two off when the baby is born.  I'd rather have him home after baby is born.  :disappointed: 
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  • *TW*
    We're going to do something within driving distance, so probably Carmel or Santa Barbara. Our baby moon for my last pregnancy (that I lost) was Maui in march-- we still went on that trip and it's actually where we I got my BFP for this pregnancy. 

    After experiencing a loss at 16w, I'm a little too terrified to fly this time around, and more than flying I don't want to be away from the incredible team of doctors that I've assembled here. If something were to happen away from home, I'm sure other hospitals have stellar care, but I just wouldn't feel okay.

    Our anniversary is 9/22, so I'm guessing we'll do a long weekend around that time. More than anything I love both the places I'm thinking of for walking around, shopping and EATING!

    We also have a house in Tahoe, so we'll go up there over Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July and Labor Day weekend... not all baby moons, but any getaway is going to be savored, while it's just the two of us. 
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  • We have two week long vacations this summer. DH's parents always rent a house for their whole family in LBI every summer so we'll go there in July for a week. My parents have rented a house in Newport, RI for a week in August for our whole family so we'll go there as well. I'd really like to go to Nantucket for my birthday in early October but we'll see - my DH doesn't think it's a good idea. Our anniversary is 8/4 and usually we try to take a weekend trip for that but we have a lot of vacations already this summer so I doubt we will!
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  • We did a two week trip to Europe last year with the mindset that it would be our last big vacation before we hopefully had a baby. I wish we could go away this summer, but DH's schedule doesn't allow us to go anywhere from May-Dec. We may be able to do something for a night or two if he gets back to back days off at all, but no major plans.
  • We'll probably just take a weekend away from kiddo #1 at a nice hotel or resort within easy driving distance. Just to have a night and nice meal all to ourselves!

    With my last we did a weekend getaway to NYC and it was awesome. Stayed in a great hotel, just went from meal to meal exploring the city, doing some shopping, and eating some amazing food. I went at about 7.5 months. If I had to do it again, I'd do it earlier so there'd be more room in my stomach to eat all the food!

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  • Our 5 year anniversary is in late August. We also have a wedding to go to around then. The wedding is out of town (3 hr drive) at a nice hotel with waterpark, spa, and more. We plan to make a weekend trip out of the wedding to celebrate our anniversary as well. So I guess it could be a babymoon. Since I won't be able to do much at the waterpark I plan on getting a prenatal massage.
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  • AdmiralKittyAdmiralKitty member
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    The plan is to take a long weekend somewhere with a beach late summer/early fall. DH loves all-inclusive places but most of those are in major Zika territory so I doubt that will happen. Hawaii is probably our best option but it's just so expensive. I'd love to go somewhere crazy like Fiji, Tahiti or the Maldives (We fly for free so we just have to worry about lodging) but I don't think we'll have more than 4 days or so and that's just too much travelling and not enough down time. Whatever we end up doing I just want to park it on a lounge chair, read a ton, and float in the ocean for a few days while eating some delicious food. 

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  • Didn't take one last time, was saving time for Pat leave. 

    Definitely going to try to take a night away in the city as we've never left our son overnight and I want to try a test run since he'll be with family while we are in the hospital having this baby. I don't want that to be the first overnight he has and then deal with a new baby on top of it. We are big foodies, so probably a show and a sweet meal, hotel on the ocean and we're good.
  • @ShallowSeas we have the same anniversary!   We are hoping to do a Northeast coast roadtrip.
  • I'd love to drive to San Antonio or New Orleans for a long weekend, but we will probably end up staying at a fancy hotel downtown.
  • We already had a trip to Maui planned for June before getting KU, only 1 more month!! But that still leaves over 5 mos before EDD so I'd like to plan something else as well. I love the idea of New Orleans, but it is a pretty far drive. The airlines that have cheap tickets only fly one day a week and we would just be doing a long weekend. So still trying to figure out where to go later in the summer.
  • We just booked a trip to Carmel in July. It's close, we can take our dogs, and it will be relaxing. All I want to do it relax and get some good sleep. We were planning to go to Hawaii but I just don't think I could handle a flight, and I really don't want to risk being miserable or missing our trip. 
  • If by baby moon you mean taking a 6-hour flight with my toddler while H drives a giant moving truck across the country then yes, yes we are!

    In all seriousness, we are planning to take a weekend away when we officially settle in after the move. But a lot will depend on when I start work and what my vacation time looks like. I was fortunate enough to have 8 weeks vacation saved up for my last maternity leave which was a blessing, because I didn't have short-term disability (my current and soon to be former employer has terrible benefits). 

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  • We had hoped to go somewhere in Zika territory, but that's out. We are planning to take a trip to see DH's family in Seattle. Not terribly romantic, but fun, and we'll probably treat ourselves to football tickets and a spa treatment while we're there. I also think it's likely there could be a shower during the trip.
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  • Nope. I don't control my vacation time. I have a week this summer and then two weeks in December. We were going to go to the UK in December for our tenth anniversary (which is actually in August) but we'll be a bit busy to follow through. We'll likely do that in December 2017 instead, or in May 2018 (after I graduate but before residency starts in July.)

    This summer we're going home for my one week vacation. Renting a little cottage on the seashore. We'll have the kids with us and really we are just going because we miss our friends and our Island so it's not really a vacation.

    My husband and I have never actually had a vacation. Ever. 

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  • We also want to go for a babymoon this summer.  Originally we were thinking of Greece/Croatia, but now there are reports of the Zika virus possibly being there this summer when we were planning on going.  Yikes!!  Any suggestions?  We looked at Iceland but flights were expensive... We were hoping to go international but could also do national parks too...
  • Not necessarily a babymoon but we were planning on going to Disney World and the Outer Banks this summer but DH is freaking out about the Zika virus.  I'll be super bummed if we can't go on vacation this year.  I'll be asking my doctor next week.
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  • @CJR2014 & @AdmiralKitty - go to BoraBora! (Well maybe not if you're only going for 4 days, but think about it!). It's incredible, we honeymoon'd there for 2 weeks and it was pure heaven. If I was okay flying and being away from home, that's where we would babymoon! 
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  • CJR2014 said:
    We also want to go for a babymoon this summer.  Originally we were thinking of Greece/Croatia, but now there are reports of the Zika virus possibly being there this summer when we were planning on going.  Yikes!!  Any suggestions?  We looked at Iceland but flights were expensive... We were hoping to go international but could also do national parks too...
    Can you get yourself to one of the major cities Iceland's WOW airline services?
    Their flights to Reykjavik are insanely reasonable. You'd just have to collect any checked luggage and re-check-in, which isn't ideal, but could be worth it for a good deal. 
  • Not sure if it counts as a "babymoon" since I'll only be 17-18 weeks, but we're going to London and Paris for one last fun trip. We've both been there a couple times, so I feel less pressure to do a ton of things. I'd honestly rather be on the beach but, stupid Zika. I'm scheduled to speak at a conference in Copenhagen in August at 26 weeks, so crossing fingers and toes we have an uneventful pregnancy and the doctor clears me to go.
  • @ficbot I love Niagara on the Lake. DH grew up an hour from there so we've visited a few times when we were in town. The Olde Angel Inn is a favorite, it's haunted. We usually go for the wineries.
  • A vacation pregnant just doesn't sound fun to me. We will save the money and put it towards all the trips we have planned for next year. 
  • We're thinking of doing a long weekend up in Canada this summer. It's driving distance, and something we've been wanting to do for a while now! Wet should probably hurry up and get our passports, though. Haha.
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  • With a 2yo DD already, I don't see a baby moon in our future. Plus, DF is going to the police academy from August-Novemeber, so he's probably going to barely make it back for the birth of this LO. 

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  • I really wanted to go to the Bahamas (my whole family went without me once as my boss wouldn't give me even 3 days off to go for half the trip). My SO has been before too. I really wanted to hang out in the lazy river for a few days. We're worried about going anywhere in that region due to Zika so then we decided to go to Hawaii - either Maui or Kauai. Sadly SO really doesn't like to travel, so when he realized how many other trips we have planned he said no to Hawaii. He promises we can go there or to the Bahamas next year with LO. We're going to Yosemite next month with my family (we go every year), Carmel in June (mom's early birthday trip), and then Idaho to visit SO's mom as we won't be traveling to see her for Christmas this year. My cousin is having a baby (soon!) and lives in Seattle so I will probably tack on a trip there at the end of the Idaho trip. Sadly, none of these are trips for the 2 of us so I don't feel like any will feel like a babymoon. I'm still happy to travel though.
  • We're going on a beach trip in July.  A lot of his family is coming, too, so I definitely wouldn't call it a baby moon, but I am really looking forward to it!  (We only go on about 1 trip per year) 
  • We went on one last time (to Maine @SRose27 and @aquasocks). It was great! We rented a cute cottage near the beach and spent the week. It was fantastic. We are not doing a baby moon this time. Instead we did a last hurrah. Right before we ttc we went away alone without our son for the first, and likely last, time. We went skiing in Colorado. It was awesome. 
  • No babymoon here, unless we have the kids in tow.... but even a long weekend with four kids (5, 3, 2, 9 mos)... no thanks.
  • Planning on going to Hawaii (Oahu) but  getting worried about it wrt the zika news. Although there is no known case which originated in Hawaii but heard there is a dengue outbreak at the big island and the same mosquitoes could carry zika as well. Not sure if I am just getting paranoid. Has any one on this forum checked with their Ob/gyn regarding traveling to Hawaii ? Is it safe to visit ?
  • Looks like we're going to try a couple days up in Edmonton this month. Yay for shopping. Only thing I'm not looking forward to is the drive up there.
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