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Am I ovulating?? I'm so confused :(

hi everyone, I'm Jamie I have one dd (13months) and want to start trying for #2.
ive had one period since cutting down breastfeeding, started charting that cycle as I had a feeling it was all coming back. And everything was exactly like pre-baby, temps/period/cramps etc etc.
thos month though... FF said I would ovulate on cd11(I'm usually around cd 14), but I had ewcm and the familiar O leg pains.. But from cd10-cd14 every opk has been neg and my temps are allll up and down!!! Even now at cd 15 I'm having bad cramping and diarreah which I'd normally associate with a period.
any ideas? Am I having an anovulatory cycle? It's so hard not knowing what's going on..
sorry for the long first post! Xx

Re: Am I ovulating?? I'm so confused :(

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  • Hi again! Blaming sleep deprivation but I can't seem to find those threads!? 
  • Look right under this thread, it's called "WTO Thursday." There's also a daily TWW (two week wait) thread for after you ovulate. I'll tag you in the WTO thread.

  • I agree with previous posters on joining the WTO and TWW.  Do some lurking and read the Newbie thread.  It's a wealth of knowledge!

    Also, it is not uncommon to have anovulatory cycles while weaning your little one.  I had anovulatory cycles and wonky temps for two cycles until I weaned DS to nursing only twice a day at 12 months.

  • Thank you guys, just made a cup of tea and going to do some lurking and reading!! 
    Sorry by O pain I was meaning ovulation pain, I get pains in my upper thighs. 
    Im down to feeding 2x a day but I guess it still will take a while for things to become regular again. Just hard isn't it when you feel mentally ready but the body needs to catch up.
    That's interesting. Due to just getting off birth control after several years, I haven't ovulated in a long time. I do remember feeling the small pain that goes with ovulation, but I never experienced it in my legs. Is this common among other women? I've only ever felt a little pinch in my abdomen during ovulation. 

  • ...... I guess it still will take a while for things to become regular again. Just hard isn't it when you feel mentally ready but the body needs to catch up.

    Right there with you.  I want my body to catch up to my head.    You will learn a lot charting, lurking and reading other people's experiences. 

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    I've never had pains in my legs during O either, that's super interesting (this is me now over analyzing every leg pain during my cycle haha!) 
    Like @britters314 said, post baby you're likely to have an entirely different cycle than pre baby.

    I had to wean completely to get my period back after baby and pre baby I had a "perfect" 28 cycle with O on day 14. Post baby? Heck, I am all over the place. 
    Definitely get involved in the WTO and TWW daily posts. They are full of information and helpful ladies.
    Also, random mid cycle diarrhea could be just a touch of a bug and have nothing to do with your period so I wouldn't worry about anovulatory yet. 

    eta: TW. I keep forgetting that's a thing now! Sorry!
  • *TW*


    I have a 10 month old DD and am still pumping twice a day and nursing before bed at night.  My periods came back as soon as I stopped nursing/pumping overnight (at 6 months PP) but they are nowhere near "regular."  I temped and charted for the first 3 cycles, and for the first two, while I ovulated around the same time I used to, my LPs were unusually short...and then the third one I had an anovulatory 21 day cycle (my normal cycles are 30-35 days with O around day 20) that I think may have been related to a bad bout of mastitis that I was just getting over.  This last cycle I suspect based on CM that I ovulated around CD 20 as normal, but then I got my period on CD 30, which would still be a short-ish LP (though longer than the 7-8 day LPs I had those first couple of cycles at least).


    I gave up on temping/charting until I'm off of the pump (probably around 12-13 months).  I am hoping that i'll go back to relative normalcy after that, even though I plan to continue to nurse DD to bed at night until she weans herself.  Until then we are just NTNP and if I ever get to CD 35 i'll pee on a stick every few days just in case.  if I'm still nursing DD at 18 months and I'm not yet pregnant, i'll probably try to force her to wean (though I'd much prefer her to do that herself if at all possible).  You hear all the time about women who can tandem nurse, and get pregnant while breastfeeding, and I don't know how they do it! 

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  • Yeah I've always had thigh pain when I ovulate! Like a shooting pain down the thigh. Weird huh how we all experience different things- or nothing at all.
    thanks for all the comments, forums are so good for keeping your head in check when all you want to do is keep googling til you find an answer that makes you feel better!!
    i think I was being overly optimistic that things would be normal straight away after getting my Cycle back. I feel exactly the same delujm- didn't want to force the complete weaning, I love feeding. 
    Well im cd17 now, temps are still very up and down, no sustained shift but still really crampy. Just going to have to ride it out, keep chatting and hope for the best!
    i might start acupuncture after this cycle, I found it really helpful when ttc dd. 
  • @jmeewestenberg I have had occasional shooting pains when ovulating! It's kind of like the pinching of my ovary radiates down the back of my leg for a moment. It almost feels like a cramp in my butt/hamstring. Bodies are super weird and everyone experiences O differently. Don't worry too much if your symptoms aren't typical. 


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  • Super weird MonaLisaRalphio! Definitely get that pain from the butt down too.
    well this morning FF changed to say I o'd on cd15.. I don't think it's right though and my temps aren't as high as they normally are post o. But will see how it goes over the next few days. 
  • @jmeewestenberg don't you just love how weird our bodies are *sarcasm* At least for me I had no idea how wide the "oh that's normal" spectrum was until TTC. Now that I'm at it again I'm like "ugh no wonder I was nuts last time!"
  • Yep ttc is a steep learning curve about our own bodies isn't it! Thank god for forums like this where you can have other women saying 'me too'! And you think oh thank god it's not just me! 
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