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10 weeks and no symptoms

Hey, this is my first pregnancy so I'm new to this and i just hit 10 weeks today. I have lost my pregnancy symptoms, i didn't have much to begin with, no nausea, a few head aches, heart burn once, and the slight cramping from my uterus stretching. But i have very sensitive breasts. The sensitivity in my breasts has gone down and it makes me nervous. I've been told every woman is different just like every pregnancy is different but it makes me nervous. I was just wondering if it's normal for symptoms to come and go or should i be worried? I have my first doctor's appointment next week.

Re: 10 weeks and no symptoms

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    There's a No Symptoms thread a bit further down the board if you search. Plenty of commiseration there for you. 

    eta: here I found it for you
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     Definitely check out the no-symptom thread,  but to make you feel a little better,  I can tell you I had about the same experience. Starting at 6 weeks,  I was pretty miserable. Sore boobs,  constant nausea, basically feeling run down,  then right around 10 weeks.... Nothing. I had nearly a week of feeling human again. I had a energy,  boobs didn't hurt, I finally had an appetite. 

    I was thrilled for the first day or two,  but then the nerves set in. Had a really awful moment where I was convinced I'd somehow wished this baby away (haha... Pregnancy hormones. They were apparently still there!).  Shortly thereafter,  the symptoms returned full force.  My nausea from before was actual vomiting and again felt pretty dang crappy. Had an appointment at 11w and everything is still going good.  I'm coming up on 13 weeks now and feeling great 85% of the time. With fun surprise bouts of nausea sprinkled in at inconvenient intervals. Also headaches.  These are new. And sucky. 

    Enjoy your symptom-less existence while it lasts and try not to worry. 

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  • As we get closer to the second trimester, lots of us are going to start feeling better.  I'm also 10 weeks and most of my symptoms have disappeared.  It's stressful, but the same thing happened with my 2 daughters.  I have an appt this morning and I'm hopeful they will either use a dopplar or u/s and give me some reassurance, because it is hard to believe things are going well.  
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  • I am 9w2d and I have no symptoms either. If you read the no symptoms thread you'll find that there are a lot of us. My breasts are very slightly bigger but haven't been sore at all. I have had a slight upset stomach when hungry and the only time I had nausea was when I was brushing my teeth (although that is somewhat better too).

    I talked to SO's mom, my mom, and my boss about it (all had 2 healthy pregnancies) and they had no symptoms either.
  • I just realized I forgot to do a check in this week! I guess I will post one now!
  • I also have very few symtpoms and they have lessoned as well. I am 10 weeks today also.  My biggest symptoms have been sore boobs which are barely sore anymore.  I have some slight nausea here and there but nothing crazy.  And i pee all the time.  
    My SIL is about 19 weeks pregnant and she didn't find out she was pregnant until about 15 weeks or so, I try to remember that because if she iddn't know she clearly had no symptoms (it's her 3rd child and she was very nauseous with her first two so it's not like she never had symtpoms with other pregnancies. 
    I go crazy with worry and wish I had symptoms to reassure myself but then I try to remember we are lucky to feel so good.
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