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  • @sLass42 I felt really bad changing realtors, too but there's a reason they make such big commissions when they do close a transaction and the bottom line is that this person isn't working for you now. I almost didn't do it but then in a fit of frustration I contacted someone else and she turned out to be a much better match for us. As in she seemed in it to help us find the right house for us even when it meant that we came super close to putting an offer in on a place she knew I didn't like so she recommended we keep looking. So...I know it's really frustrating but hopefully it will work out really well in the end!
    Me: 34 DH: 38
    Married: June 2011
    TTC since Feb 2016
    BFP#1: 7/7/16 MMC: 8/16/16 
    BFP#2: 5/8/17 - CP
    BFP#3: 6/27/17 EDD: 3/10/18
  • My WTF is sugaring.  I take back all of the raving and defending I did on that one UO Thursday.  You guys, I've gotten the absolutely worst ingrown hairs of my life these last few weeks.  **TMI** Like 3/4" completely under the surface of my skin, no matter how much I exfoliate.  

    Don't sugar.  Forget sugaring! 
    me . early 30's | h . mid 30's | < 3 . 2013

    ntnp #2 . summer 2018

    *siggy warning*

    ttc#1 . jul 2015
    mmc . mar 2016 | 6w2d
    dx PCOS (non-IR) / subclinical hypothyroidism . summer 2016
    tx metformin, levothyroxine, LP progesterone, femara + trigger + ti . fall/winter 2016
    BFP! . jan 2017
    DD . oct 2017

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  • @mrsdaddario in 2012 GHS started the transition from MSDS to SDS, dropping "material." So yeah, same thing. When do you do this task? I'd be careful and make sure you have GHS-compliant SDSs. If you don't there's a hefty fine and a big trouble if you get audited and yours inventory isn't compliant!! That's my problem. Growl!
    TTC #1 since September 2014
    Diagnoses: RPL, Endometriosis, MFI (count, morph, DNI, DNAS, multiple bilateral subclinical varicoceles), low progesterone
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    Loss History (TW):
    BFP: 3 May 2015, loss confirmed 4 June 2015
    BFP: 15 August 2015, loss confirmed 23 August 2015
    BFP: 16 November 2015, loss confirmed 22 November 2015
    BFP: 18 July 2016, loss confirmed same day
    BFP: 04 March 2018, loss confirmed 23 March 2018
    BFP: 12 June 2018, TWINS; D&C 06 July 2018
    TTC History (TW):
    3 losses in 2015
    Met with OBGYN in January 2016
    Me: all clear, H: OAT
    November 2016: HSG = All Clear!
    January 2017: H tested again,  High DNA fragmentation and stainability
    February 2017: Clomid + TI + Progesterone = BFN
    March 2017: Clomid + HCG + IUI + Progesterone = SA/wash: zero count on attempt #1, <1,000 on attempt #2= BFN
    Varicocele Embolization- 5 May 17
    December 2017 SA: Zero improvement after embolization
    January IVF- 25 retrieved, 11 mature, 8 fertilized, 3 frozen day fives (3AA, 3AA, 3AA), 1 frozen day 6 (5BB), 1 frozen day 7 (3CC)
    Three PGS normal (3AA, 3AA, 5BB), one inconclusive (3AA)
    FET #1: 27 February 2018, 3AA & 5BB, one stuck! BFP 04 March 2018.... Loss confirmed 23 March 2018
    May 2018: SHG/SIS = all clear "beautiful uterus"
    FET #2: 04 June 2018, 3AA PGS normal embryo, 3AA PGS hatching inconclusive embryo. 
    BFP: 12 June 2018, EDD 20 February 2019
    Ultrasound, 25 June 2018: There are two
    Lost Baby A 02 July 2018
    Baby B not growing, D&C 06 July 2018
    Laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, chromotubation: 23 July 2018: blocked right tube, heavily inflamed, covered in endo. Removed right tube. Removed more endo from uterus, tubes, ovaries. Endo remains on bladder and bowel. 
    Next Up:
    TTC Naturally, possibly IUIs for remainder of 2018. 
    ER#2 ~Jan 2019

  •  @housewifehobbyist  Girl Guides are definitely acceptable, however, I am never that lucky. 

     @KristoB  That made me lol for realz. That has to be the most dramatic weight loss ever! You go girl! 

      @Kiki75  Yeah, we live in a brand new area and it is pretty low key, but you just never know! We have only had one sketchy person come to our door offering "free carpet cleaning" but we think it was a scam. Someone came again tonight, while we were eating dinner! So annoying.

    10/2/10  <3
    Me:29 H: 31
    TTC#1: Aug 2015


  • redheelerredheeler
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    Can I  WTF myself? I'm going to.

    TW *** BFP + loss

    so last Tuesday, I think, I had a positive test (10dpo) after that they were all faint or negative, Friday was slightly darker but I started bleeding Friday's afternoon which was pretty much spotting for 3 days, if it weren't for hygiene I wouldn't have had to change a pad. Today out of curiosity I tested again, obvious but faint positive, can't get into the doctor until Monday and until then I'm just WTFing I thought this month was going to be written off as a chemical second month in a row and now I'm just worried and stressing.

    i want to be a speshul snowflake and have bleeding after a BFP be normal, but I just don't believe that it's possible for it to mean everything is ok!


    eta words.
    Me - 22  |   DH - 32   |  Married - 24 May 2014
    DS - January 2014 
    TTC#2 - December 2015
    BFP - 6 March 2016  |  MC Confirmed - 21 March 2016
    TTCAL  |  April 2016
    CP  |  June 2016
    CP  |  July 2016
    BFP - 25 August 2016  |  Due Date - 11 May 2017
  • this WTF is late because today was a long day at work.  It was so busy all day that I said out loud to my coworkers, "feels like we got hit by a tornado".  Then an hour later, an actual tornado touched down in our area!!! It wasn't a strong tornado but still! Lol wtf.
    Me: 30 Him: 31
    TTC #1 since January 2016
    Aug '16: Hyperprolactinemia - tx: Cabergoline
    Aug '16 SA: Mild MFI - low count/concentration
    Feb : RE Consult - labs all normal
    March: Repeat SA (MFI) & HSG (clear)
    April: Clomid 50mg + Progesterone, IUI #1 = BFN
    June: Femara 5mg + Progesterone, IUI #2 = BFN
    Aug: Femara 5mg + Gonal-F + Progesterone, IUI #3 = BFP! EDD April 30th

  • I'm so sorry for this roller coaster you're on @PartiallyDomesticated .  I can't imagine the emotions you must be going through!  FX for good news and answers at your appointment on Monday!

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