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Is Audrey boring?

mrstomama1516mrstomama1516 member
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Right now, this is the one of the only girl names we both really like even though it's a bit popular (maybe too popular- will be interesting to see the SSA list in a couple weeks). I know that it's a classic and I think it's very pretty but I don't particularly want a boring or blah name especially because we have a common surname. What do you guys think about it?

Re: Is Audrey boring?

  • I agree that Audrey is classic and pretty and definitely a name that you can't go wrong with, however, I do find it to be just a little boring. Not necessarily in a bad way, its just not that exciting of a name.
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  • I love Audrey! I don't find it boring at all.

  • I don't think it's boring either. It's pretty!
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  • What about Audra? I like this name, as I feel like it is a great compromise between classic and modern 
  • @Marasmommy0611 I like Audra a lot but my husband doesn't :neutral:

  • I don't think it's boring. The only names I find boring are Ella, Emma, Ava, Sophia etc that are just SO common.
  • Just don't pair it with a boring middle name. 
  • I don't think it's boring at all. It's classic and interesting. I've never met an Audrey.
  • Is it too popular?? It's not an uncommon name, but it doesn't feel like a popular one to me.
  • My oldest is Audrey and I only know one other little girl with that name. I get comments regularly about how pretty it is.
  • Not at all, I love Audrey. We named our DD Aubrey- but I love both. We call her Bree a lot. 


  • Audrey is lovely and timeless. Not boring at all.

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  • kms456kms456 member
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    This absolutely one of my favorite names. 
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  • mrstomama1516mrstomama1516 member
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    Thanks for your opinions everyone, I feel better about it! We would want to use Charlotte as a middle name most likely. We have other options but Charlotte has meaning for us for a few reasons.
  • I would be worried if I had a daughter she would be lost in the sea of: Aubrey, Audrey, Adalynn, Ariah, Addison, Addy, Ava, Avery, Audra, Averi, Adrian, Arie, Aralynn(all these are baby I know born in the last 14 months). I could go on and on! Everyone I know had a daughter with names that all sound the same, and they all start with an A!!! It's crazy! Not saying I don't like those names, they just all blend together. 
  • It's more popular than I'd want for my kid but when I hear it, I never think, "Ugh, another Audrey!" like I do about some names. It's a nice classic choice. 
  • @LoveLee85 that's a good point, there are a ton of popular A names out there. Something for us to consider. 
  • Classic and beautiful!
  • I don't think it's boring at all. I love it, classic but really beautiful

  • I don't think it's boring at all. I love it, classic but really beautiful

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