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This is our first baby, due in early July! We've been debating names for a while and are open to other suggestions for first names. The middle name is not super open to discussion as it's a family name. We are mostly traditional in name choices and spelling and aren't really interested in overly unique names.  Our last name rhymes with "game." Thanks for your help everyone! :smile: 

Girls Names 108 votes

Addison Ann-Marie (nn: Addy)
8% 9 votes
Lillian Ann-Marie (nn: Lily)
27% 30 votes
Ava Ann-Marie
10% 11 votes
Audrey Ann-Marie
30% 33 votes
Sophie Ann-Marie
23% 25 votes

Re: Girls Names

  • My favorite name is Audrey but I think Lillian goes best with the MN so that's what I voted for. I would toss Addison.

  • Voted Audrey. Also like Lillian. Not a fan of the others, esp with mn.
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  • @hollieileen What middle names might you like better with some of them? 

  • I voted Lillian.  I probably would not use an A name with the middle name Ann Marie.
  • alyssa0714alyssa0714
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    I think Addie is an adorable nickname but I don't like Addison. Lillian/Lily is okay but I'm pretty bored with it. Sophie just doesn't feel like "enough" to me, its cute but it has a nickname feeling to it.

    Audrey gets my vote, its a good name that I think will age well too. I don't like Ann-Marie though. Would prefer just Marie.

    ETA: I do think Sophie Ann-Marie has the best flow. As someone else mentioned, I don't like Ann with the A names, also Ava is so boring that I just realized that I completely forgot to even comment on it in first post! LilliAN Ann is too repetitive with the two Ann sounds running together. Audrey Ann-Marie sounds okay though.
  • LNic5LNic5
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    Lillian and Sophie are my two favourites 
  • Love Lillian! I would use it if I had a girl, but she would have a cousin Jillian so we had to toss it from our list. 
  • I don't like the -an in Lillian with Ann in the MN spot. I also think think you're going to get people thinking her first name is Whatever Ann and MN is Marie. Ann is such an easy flowing name I think people just naturally do it  

    Why the hyphenated mn? That seems problematic when it comes to legal forms and things of that nature. 

    I prefer Sophia and I think it's your best choice. Sophie seems more like a nn.

  • @CaboBride2015 The hyphen is because it's a French first name "Ann-Marie"
  • sb122007 said:
    @CaboBride2015 The hyphen is because it's a French first name "Ann-Marie"
    I don't understand how the hyphen makes it French? All the Annemarie's I know spell it as one word. I agree that a hyphen is a little unnecessary and makes the name seem bulkier.

  • I think the A names and Lillian make for too much alliteration. I really love Sophie Ann-Marie. Personal preference :)
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