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help with baby girl name!

We are 7 weeks out and second guessing our baby girl name.  Our 3 year old is Nolan.  Last name starts with a G.  Below is our current list of girl names.  We generally like names that are not too common, but are still recognizable.  And I typically like two syllable names.  Please let me know your thoughts!

In no particular order:
Mara (two possible issues with this name are the meaning ("bitter") and my good friend who is due a week before me is using the name Mira)
Claire (is this too common?)
Matilda (family name, but not sure it fits us)
Vivian (this has been the front runner)

Any other suggestions that sound good with Nolan?  

Thanks in advance!

Re: help with baby girl name!

  • I wouldn't let the meaning of Mara deter you (according to BTN, it can also translate to 'strength'), but the fact that a close friend is having a Mira would definitely be an issue for me.

    I think Claire is nice but prefer Clara.

    I'd toss Matilda, Quinn, Rose, Eva, and Cora. They're fine but I like your other options better.

    Vivian is nice and I like the NN options of Vivi, or Viv.

    If Clara was an option, it would be my pick. Do you have a middle name chosen already?

  • I think Nolan and Margot is cute.  (I have always loved the name Margot). 
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  • I like Margot, Leah and Claire the best. I really like all of them except for Quinn and Maren.
  • I'd skip Mara but consider Maura or Maren:
    agree that Clara is nicer and less common than Claire.
    also like Leah, Cora and Rose.  Rose is super common as a middle name but not so much as a first name.
  • Margot is my favorite! 
    DD: Ophelia 5/18/15
  • I love Vivian, Margot and Rose! I think Claire is always a pretty middle name! 
  • Thanks everyone!  I think we've come back around to Vivian.  We like Clara and Margot too.  Her middle name will be my maiden name.  
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