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TTT | 4.26

Ten Things Tuesday! Post any 10 random thoughts you want to share. Try and keep it positive. ;)
TTC#1 July 2015 
  • BFP: 9/16/15 — MC: 11/8/15 Blighted Ovum
  • BFP: 3/10/16 — Baby Girl born 11/20/16
TTC#2 April 2019 
  • BFP: 9/12/19 — EDD 5/15/20

Re: TTT | 4.26

  • I'll play.

    1. I've never done one of these before so I have no idea how hard it will be.
    2. Staying home from work today, had a headache when I woke up but really I just need a day to myself.
    3. My 5th grader is walking to and from school today (4 blocks). Still makes me nervous even though she's done it plenty of times.
    4. Totally planning on having chips and guacamole for lunch today, or maybe breakfast.
    5. I had been loosing weight before my BFP, it sucks not seeing the numbers in the scale going down anymore.
    6. I've decided to refer to this LO as a girl until I find out otherwise, it's annoying DH because he really wants a boy ;)
    7. I'm dreading picked out a girl name, it was so hard last time DD almost left the hospital without a name.
    8. We're waiting until after DD is out of school for the summer to tell her I'm KU, I can't wait!
    9. Is it crazy to think about getting a puppy now? I think it's all the hormones but omg puppies are so adorable I need one.
    10. For real, I really took today off because I want baby shop on amazon all day...
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  • 1. I had a dream last night that we're having a girl so now obviously it's all I'm thinking about
    2. I'm finally getting over my cold!
    3. Today is the birthday of one of my dear friends who passed away too young 
    4. Tonight we are supposed to have softball sized hail and tornadoes which oddly makes me pretty excited because I'm weird like that (Texan thing?)
    5. This is my first TTT because I often believe I can't think of ten things, but I seem to have no problem
    6. Having a leftover Jersey Mikes sandwich today because I've been craving since last week's UO
    7. Hubby and I bought our first fancy camera from Costco yesterday. Immediately I felt responsible and wiser.
    8. I can't wait until lunch time
    9. My youngest baby is competing in a state meet this weekend!
    10. I lost 4 lbs from the other day so naturally I'm a little concerned, but this means I've only gained 2lbs so far, so yay? 
  • 1) We finally moved into a bigger house this weekend and I can't believe how much space we have now.
    2) I have no problem unpacking, but I am not looking forward to cleaning our old condo.
    3) I'm having a potluck with my girlfriends tonight. I can't wait for some girl time and yummy food.
    4) We're doing a Mexican theme so I'm bringing a crockpot of steak fajitas.
    5) I booked my a/s for June 10th. I can't wait to find out if we're having a boy or girl.
    6) Everyone is convinced that it's a boy and I definitely think so too. 
    7) I've been so excited to watch GOT and we finally setup the TV last night. Then realized all of our remotes are still at the condo. Not sure how we forgot them, but I need to go pick them up today.
    8) I'm going to a huge swap sale at some arena on Saturday with my MIL. I'm a little overwhelmed just thinking about it. I don't even know what I'm looking for, but hopefully we can find a few things.
    9) I just discovered the website Little Unicorn and I seriously want every blanket on that site. They are all sold out of course. Land of Nod has become my other favorite. I still have not bought one baby item since I got a BFP.
    10) Happy Birthday @comealongponds! Welcome to the 30 club!
  • 1. Pregnancy was so much more fun last time. 
    2. I'm feeling bloated and frumpy, I'm sick of pelvic rest already, and I'm eating like crap to make myself feel better, but it's only making it worse.
    3. Sorry - that's not positive. Be hey let's be real here.
    4. I think I'm going to get my uber crunchy, yurt living, cousin a ring sling for her shower. I'm excited to pick it out. She'll love it. 
    5. I want a new carrier for 2.0 too.
    6. Our new house is being built right now. Drywall is finally up and it actually looks like a house! 
    7. I am so anxious to move. We'll be 25 minutes closer to everything!!
    8. I'm craving sushi like nothing else.
    9. I may treat myself to a quiet lunch at the fancy sushi restaurant in town (California rolls) before I pick my son up from daycare.
    10. Work shmerk...I already know I won't get anything done today. #WAHMproblems
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  • 1. I finally get to have a massage today! It's been so we February that our friend (who is amour massage pro) said I shouldn't have one. So excited for this.
    2. Have to go back on Thursday to repeat my NT ultrasound because baby was not cooperating. In the wrong position to see its neck and face. Yay for another ultrasound!
    3. We officially started telling family about being KU. Called my grandma yesterday and that was the best one because she squealed. So looking forward to taking baby home to meet everyone.
    4. Got called into work yesterday, so extra hours. And got some food out of the deal too. Win.
    5. Started watching The Path from Showcase. Commercials did not do it justice 
    6. I'm searching for beers for my hubby...a friend told me about this one that's exactly like root beer but boozey. He's Gunna be so excited if I can find it.
    7. My in-laws are coming in two weeks...this means I have to be nice. We'll see. Aha. 
    8. I have a giant sinus infection. Ugh. My head feels terrible. FX it clears out soon.
    9. The weather got cold and rainy here over the last couple days...really missing the +27 and sun right now.
    10. I'm one short. Poop.
  • sunbeam1sunbeam1 member
    edited April 2016
    1. I'm so totally showing !!
    2. Going for my next ultrasound in an hour.  Hoping for good news...
    3. Was supposed to be on jury duty this week, but one of the few benefits of this bleeding is that I have a medical excuse to skip out.
    4. Other benefit is that I get to see an US almost weekly (silver lining, I guess??)
    5.  My mom took my 2 year old niece to Disneyland yesterday.  Waiting for the cute pics to roll in!
    6.  It's supposed to be 75 and perfect today.  Yesterday it snowed.  Go figure.
    7.  My doc is in the young, trendy part of town and tons of eye candy is walking by.
    8.  I'm having the saltiest, fattiest, sauciest, cheesiest burger and fries for lunch.
    9.  Emails keep telling me that my coworkers actually are picking up my slack, since I've been gone for 3 weeks.
    10.  Here's to hoping the doc finally lifts this f'n pelvic rest!  No action since January, since my IVF cycle, and pelvic rest, started with ovarian cyst surgery.
    Age:  39 and holding
    Unexplained infertility
    NTNP: 10 years! 
    TTC: Since 2014
    5 IUI:  BFN
    IVF 1:  MC
    IVF 2:  BFP!  DD 11/20/16

  • @mrsjlang the Not Your Fathers Root Beer? My husband and friends are obsessed with it!
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  • @Katemr1146 no? We're on Canada, so not sure if we can even get that here. The one I'm looking for is Mad Jack. I'm Gunna look after my massage. 
  • 1. I had DDs music class this morning and it was adorable until we had to leave early because she took another kids binkie right out of their mouth and then had a huge tantrum when I gave the other baby the binkie back. Sigh.
    2. I'm trying to figure out how much we need to save before we can start building our forever house. Hopefully it'll only be another year or two! Super jealous @Katemr1146
    3. I'm really hoping I can get my Uncle who's an architect to design and build our house. He does incredible work and I know he'd oversee all the contractors and make sure everything is done really well. Unfortunately he doesn't usually work off cape, so we'll see.
    4. I've decided our forever house needs a screened in back porch for watching rain and drinking coffee. Yes please.
    5. It's raining and I love it.
    6. My puppy doesn't though. He refuses to pee when it's raining. We'll see how long that lasts.
    7. I love dunkin decaf.
    8. I'm definitely taking a nap during DDs nap today.
    9. I'm making steak burritos for dinner and I'm so excited for that.
    10. Happy birthday @comealongponds!! 

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  • Katemr1146 said: @mrsjlang the Not Your Fathers Root Beer? My husband and friends are obsessed with it!

    This stuff is so good! Makes the best root beer float if that's your thing.

    Kid #1: Two years old
    Kid #2: Due Date 11/16/16
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  • 1. I'm so excited (and a little nervous) for the N/T scan and meeting with the OB on Thursday
    2. I'm getting a massage on Friday and can not wait!
    3. I bought Target's version of a bellaband  and am wearing it today, it doesn't suck and keeps me out of ugly ass maternity pants for a little longer
    4. Also bought a massive pillow while at Target, had no clue it was $60 freaking dollars until I checked out!
    5. Oh well, it's worth every penny and helping the sciatica a lot
    6. I have 6 meetings today, I see no point in trying to get any real work done when I have half an hour between each meeting, might as well bump!
    7. I wish I could've stayed in bed and slept all day, it's dreary and cold
    8. I want that cake @comealongponds- will you share with us? Also, happy birthday!
    9. I hope I feel well enough to get to the gym after work today, I miss my workouts
    10. The Lion King is in town and H is getting us tickets to see it, I'm so excited!

  • I'm so excited that more people are joining TTT!

    @Roxell It is crazy to think about a puppy but totally doable. I was only about 4 weeks and DH and I were thinking about getting a 1 year old dog from the shelter. I ask the opinion of the ladies on here (you could probably go to my profile and find the post). We ultimately decided to get him. Some days I think why did we do this. But as time goes on I am glad we did it now. It would have been way harder to train a dog with kids around. We had basically the whole 9 months to get him acclimated. The biggest downside is that I have been so tired and just wanting to nap when I get home from work. Well I can't because the dog has been in the kennel since DH went to work and I need to take him out and go for a walk. So no naps here, except weekends.

    @comealongponds Happy early birthday!! I have a bunch of stuff I want to start selling, I have a family rummage sale coming up next month for that. Great idea to set the money aside for the babies. I may do that!

    @mrs_hoyahoo I hate the temperature fluctuations. I want to open my windows during the day, then at night I need to put the heat back on.

    @jrussell16 I hope the chiropractor appointment goes well. I love mine. At first it makes you more sore, but with going consistently it starts to help. Also see my post about the dog above.

    @bmcd2016 & @homeydontplaythat I had a dream that I was having a boy. Early in the pregnancy I though girl, now I don't know. I cannot wait until my anatomy scan on July 1st.

    @edk2010 Congrats on the new home. Cleaning the old one is the worst!

    @katemr1146 How exciting about your house. When do you get to move?

    @mrsjlang Yay for getting to see your baby again.

    @sunbeam1 Thats cool that you get to skip jury duty. Sorry for the reason though. I've never been called up for jury duty yet. (knock on wood)

    @srose109 My dog doesn't like the rain either. But he loves the snow.

    TTC#1 July 2015 
    • BFP: 9/16/15 — MC: 11/8/15 Blighted Ovum
    • BFP: 3/10/16 — Baby Girl born 11/20/16
    TTC#2 April 2019 
    • BFP: 9/12/19 — EDD 5/15/20

    1. I had spaghettios and meatballs for lunch. I feel like a kid again.
    2. I have not been super productive at work yesterday and today in anticipation for my day off/appointment tomorrow.
    3. Gym today!
    4. My mom is going to help me do yard work again this weekend. I am so thankful. We have been at our house for a year now and I know nothing about yard care. So far we have just been digging up the old dead landscaping that the previous owners neglected to take care of.
    5. One of the bush type things we dug up last weekend grew a branch up under the siding about 3 ft high and into the window frame. I think we will need to pull it all off at some point and clean it out. Their neglect made me angry when I saw that. No more plants close to the house.
    6. We are going to make BBQ ribs on the grill tomorrow, I can't wait.
    7. We are going to the shooting range on Sunday, I am so excited to try out our new guns for the first time. (DHs grandpa just gave us 4 guns, he is starting to clean out his stuff).
    8. I'm ready for May already, I have so many fun things going on. I think it will help this first tri go by faster.
    9. We are going to happy hour for work on Thursday in honor of a coworker retiring.
    10. I am debating on if I want to go. I will miss my Thursday gym time. If I don't go it wont be a big deal. If I do go, I obviously won't drink. I wont hide it so I figure many people will find out I am expecting at that point. However I don't want to take the focus from the retiree.
    TTC#1 July 2015 
    • BFP: 9/16/15 — MC: 11/8/15 Blighted Ovum
    • BFP: 3/10/16 — Baby Girl born 11/20/16
    TTC#2 April 2019 
    • BFP: 9/12/19 — EDD 5/15/20

  • 1. I'm working from home today bc I'm sick. I wish we had sick leave but we don't so I'll try to do at least a little work.
    2. We had to delay DD's birthday party to this weekend due to predicted thunderstorms last weekend.
    3. Of course there were no thunderstorms since we rescheduled.
    4. Bonus -- at least 2 more of her friends can come this weekend that were busy last weekend.
    5. DH's BFF had a date yesterday and it went really well! We're so excited for him.
    6. DH is obsessed with Teslas. I'm so tired of hearing about them. Just don't care about cars.
    7. Hoping this is my week to start feeling better.
    8. I finally have a clean kitchen for the first time in several months. It was BAD but now I appreciate it being clean even more.
    9. We also cleaned up the den and dining room. You might think grownups live here in addition to kids now!
    10. Hoping we decluttered enough to keep it clean for longer than just a few days.
  • 1. I went home for lunch today and now I don't want to go back to work
    2. I was really bloated this weekend and was staring at myself in the mirror when DH walked in. I asked if he thought I looked pregnant and he goes, "I think you look exactly like someone 12 weeks along should look" which I thought was adorable. But also, probably meant, "no, you don't look pregnant"
    3. The bump app claims that at 12 weeks, baby/ute is out of the pelvic cavity and I should be able to feel it
    4. DH keeps laughing at me because I'm constantly poking my stomach (FYI -- I still can't feel anything)
    5. As of today, I'm no longer bloated...and definitely have no bump.
    6. I'm still looking forward to HDBD. I'll just pretend that your bumps are my own. Way creepy, but whatever.
    7. I just got the invite for a coworker's baby shower (she's due the first week of June).
    8. This coworker is basically the most adorable pregnant person ever. Her bump is so high and perfectly round that she is still wearing her pre-pregnancy jeans.
    9. I'm pretty much obsessed with stalking the Jan 16- April 16 boards pictures
    10. I really want this LO to have my eyes (green) rather than DH's (brown). He's 100% sure that I won't get my wish. *fingers crossed*
    Married July 2015
    Me: 26 DH:27
    Due: 11/6/2016
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  • 1. I dreamed last night that I went in for an appointment with my OB, and she insisted it was time for me to go into labor and strapped me down to the hospital bed. I was screaming "But I'm only 12 weeks! And I have NOT prepared for this!," but to no avail. Talk about nightmare. :#
    2. H and I are driving down south next week to visit our families!
    3. I'm a little bit excited about the family part, but probably more excited just to be in the south again and to see some azaleas and dogwoods. Is that terrible?
    4. Also just excited for a road trip. H always buys me a big bag of peanut butter M&Ms for the ride. Mmmm, get in mah belly...
    5. Found out yesterday that I may not be eligible for an epidural. I had spinal fusion surgery in high school, meaning that there are now two 10" titanium rods fused into my spine, and it sounds like a lot of anesthesiologists won't try an epidural on people who have had this surgery (though some will do their best to get it in there). I've been leaning toward trying for an unmedicated birth anyways, so maybe this can be an extra source of motivation to prepare as best I can for that, but it's still a little frightening to think it might not even be an option!
    6. All that said, I don't even know what state we'll be living in when baby makes its appearance, much less who my anesthesiologists will be or whether they'll be open to doing an epidural on me, so I'm trying not to think about it too much for now.
    7. H and I are in the middle of an Arrested Development binge-watch. Just finished season 1 last night!
    8. I feel like I'm becoming more emotional the further along I get in this pregnancy. Yikes...
    9. (E.g., yesterday I got super frustrated at H because he was insisting that mac'n'cheese could count as a "main dish" at a potluck, while to me it seemed utterly indisputable that it would be a side dish...)
    10. But I am very grateful for a husband who is patient, understanding, and forgiving.
  • 1. DH & I get to hear baby's heartbeat at my OB appointment tomorrow!

    2. We are announcing our pregnancy to family on my birthday this Sunday.

    3. Normally I hate celebrating my birthday but this year I have better friends who care about me and are planning fun stuff!

    4. It is a beautiful, sunny day outside

    5. But all I want to do is nap because this pregnancy is making me TIRED A.F.

    6. I'm getting my eyebrows threaded after work and ooo boy do they need them. They're beyond overgrown.

    7. I want to get professional pregnancy announcement photos taken but I don't know when or how I want them to look. Hmm.

    8. I was feeling super frumpy through most of my pregnancy but week 12 seemed to be a 180... the real me is back!

    9. I'm at work right now and someone found a cracked hardboiled egg on the bookshelf in our office. Who knows how long that's been sitting there.

    10. I'm so happy the new GoT season started.

  • @m6agua hopefully mid-June, but as late as mid-July. Can I AW a photo I took today?? 
    We tore down a home in the "downtown" historic area of the town. All the lots are long and narrow and on alleys. Every house is different and about 10% of it is brand new houses now. I wanted an old house in that neighborhood, but with my husbands intense allergies, it wasn't worth it. New it is! 

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