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Second Miscarriage in Four Months

Hello Everyone,
I just had my second miscarriage in four months this past Friday. This actually my third miscarriage as I had one in college four or so years ago. I currently have an eleven month old son. When I was pregnant with him they told me to brace myself for a miscarriage. My hcg levels hardly registered on a home pregnancy test and remained really low the first few months of my pregnancy. Thankfully, I carried him to 36 weeks and he is an amazing baby. 
In January I miscarried at five weeks and this past Friday I miscarried at six weeks. This time it has been incredibly painful and is taking a strong emotional toll. I just can't stop thinking something is wrong with me for having two miscarriages occur in such a short time period. My husband is acting as if nothing happened and my friends are trying to be supportive but don't know what to do. It doesn't help that one of best friends is now seven weeks pregnant. I'm just really struggling right now.
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Re: Second Miscarriage in Four Months

  • I'm really sorry for all of your losses and that those around you aren't providing the support you need. I myself have had two losses in four months so I know it's hard to stack grief upon grief. This community is very supportive and full of women with lots of advice and experience as well. With your history of three losses, you likely qualify to see a specialist, depending on your insurance situation. That may provide you with some answers to the questions you have. I'm sorry to see you here, but welcome to the group!
  • I am sorry for your losses.  There is a lot of support in this community, and I hope you will start getting the support you deserve from your family and friends soon.  One thing I found helpful was to share articles I found helpful or that I identified with with my friends and my DH.  I found it comforting to read them, and then I think it helped DH and my friends see how I was feeling and what might be helpful.  I know there are a lot of resources out there, but I will mention that I happened to find the stuff at https://verilymag.com/tag/miscarriage/ particularly helpful and good for this purpose of explaining/showing how I felt.
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  • I'm very sorry for your losses. I've had 3 in the past year and a half and I totally get where you're coming from, no one around me has experienced loss, which I'm grateful for, I don't wish this kind on my pain on anyone but it also makes it impossible for anyone to understand what I'm going through. This community has helped me tremendously, reading about other people and knowing I'm not alone eases the panic and the pain. Feel free to vent and share anytime you want.

    Most people have the terrible misconception that when you lose a miscarry, specially if it's early, it's not as painful. You have to go through this yourself to understand just how devastating it is. 

    Be kind to yourself, but don't be afraid to cry when you need to, allow yourself time to grieve, to heal. 
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