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Baby Shower- Mommy Clothes

So there is already a Baby Shower thread that discusses the showers themselves, but I'm not interested in the party and presents for this thread. I'm curious about mommy clothes. If you already had your shower, what did you wear? If you haven't had your shower yet, what are you planning on wearing?

I just started thinking about it, and I'm looking for inspiration. :-)

Re: Baby Shower- Mommy Clothes

  • I wore a purple flowered maxi dress from Old Navy to my shower. It was a fairly comfortable dress since I'm not a huge fan of wearing pants right now as they just feel more constricting.

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  • I'm planning on wearing a Jessica Simpson maxi dress with sandals... I wanted a mix of feeling pretty but still showing off the bump :)
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  • I'm wearing a maxi skirt from target and a t shirt . Pants suck right now :) at least for me lol I have always had healthy thighs and larger hips so that combo with a big belly is not awesome ! If I didn't work with clients where I had to look decent I would live in my husbands sweat pants I can't wait to fit into clothes again :) 
  • I wore a black maxi dress from Old Navy with a gold color light cardigan. I had to were flip flops because my feet are so swollen. I'm with @ecolton01 in the healthy thigh and hips camp and wanted something that wasn't pants and also comfortable but still nice and showed off the bump. 

    Here is a link to the dress

    I also took maternity pics this past Saturday and really liked the dress I wore for that. I think it could work for a shower. It's from PinkBlush. They have a lot of nice maternity maxi dresses. Here is the link

  • I wore a maxi dress with a split down the front that I ordered from sewtrendy accessories in etsy to show off the henna that I got done on my belly. It had matching shirts to wear under it as well. The only thing I would have changed about it was getting one that had straps or something to hold it up rather than strapless because I was adjusting and pulling up the whole party
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    This is at our shower this weekend. Jeans and a cute shirt. Most everyone else was in something similar.
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  • guests were lucky i put on clothes at all. I wore jeans and a cute black top with slippers cuz my feet were so swollen. My shower was at my house and i've had the stomach bug so it was rly not enjoyable at all for me. 
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  • I'm planning on wearing a Jessica Simpson maxi dress with sandals... I wanted a mix of feeling pretty but still showing off the bump :)
    I also wore a Jessica Simpson maxi. So cute. 
    I wore this same dress and got a ton of compliments! It worked out perfectly because my shower colors were green and blue AND I have horrible bacne and the dress covered my shoulders :)
  • Mine was this weekend and I also wore a maxi dress from Old Navy and flip flops.  Well, to be honest, I wore flip flops for the first half hour and then just went barefoot because my feet are so sore and swollen!!
  • I'm wearing a black maxi skirt and either a fitted coral shirt with lace on the back and shoulders or with a gray tshirt that says "mama bear" while my husband wears "papa bear" 

    Yes, we're THAT cheesy couple. 

  • No shower this time, but with my first I wore a simple navy blue short sleeved dress in a t shirt material, and fun red shoes. 
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  • I have that same dress everyone's wearing in black and white (which doesn't feel "light" enough for a baby shower event). None of my dresses feel springy enough...either work related or too beachy. Is it worth coughing up the cash for something new? I'm thinking not.
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  • Twinsies! I wore this same dress and it was sooo comfy!! You look fabulous @adiaz123003
    SO CUTE!!!
  • I wore a maxi dress as well that I got from Pink Blush Maternity!
  • I wore an IGIG maxi dress with a little jean jacket and some flip flops for my shower. Still looks cute but comfy too!
  • I wore a nice green wrap dress from Pea in the Pod that I had from my first pregnancy. Since then I worked in an office and now I work from home, it was my only chance this pregnancy to bust it out. 

    Aside--did all your husbands attend your showers?
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  • alileecam said:
    I wore a nice green wrap dress from Pea in the Pod that I had from my first pregnancy. Since then I worked in an office and now I work from home, it was my only chance this pregnancy to bust it out. 

    Aside--did all your husbands attend your showers?

    Mine attended the last half since he was working the morning of my shower. He was our photographer. Lol. And I made him help me open presents so it didn't take forever!
  • Everyone looks gorgeous!!!

    ive got a coral maxi dress I bought on Boxing Day ... Just realized it isn't very bra friendly and my new boobs require a bra! 

    I may may go for a pair of navy linen shorts and a cute white button up with some totally inappropriately high shoes instead :smile: 
  • We had a co-ed shower.  About 20 guys came.  So much fun - the hubs had a blast!
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    So funny you posted about this! I have my Sprinkle this Sat and I was out shopping for a dress today lol. Since this is my 3rd baby I am just going to get my dress from a maternity resale shop. All the dresses I currently have don't feel nice enough for the Sprinkle. I want something light, flowing, springy.
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    I ended up ordering 3 dresses from PinkBlush after seeing @bstretch23 initial post in the other baby shower thread. They haven't arrived yet but I'm very excited! One is a maxi that I plan to wear to the shower and the other is for a friend's wedding. The 3rd one is a "just because" dress.

    @peregrinefalconx I had a hard time pulling the trigger on my purchase. I haven't bought much by way of maternity clothes and just made do with what I had minus a shirt here and a dress there (both were sales items), but my husband convinced me that I deserved a little spoiling. I also know that a friend of mine and her husband are trying to start their own family and I figure these dresses can be passed onto her if she is interested.
  • @MamaMJ2 - I'm getting my belly henna'd next month and I'm totally jealous of your dress!

    @kaitielynnrichardson - I just had to tell you that your husband's shirt is amazing and cracked me up.  :D
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  • Thanks, ladies, for sharing the inspiration! I especially loved the photos. I never realized how obsessed with clothes I was until mine stopped fitting...
  • I wore denim capris, a power y (lululemon) tank top under a flowy tank from Motherhood Maternity. I had to cut out the tank that was sewn in, as I didn't have a bra to wear with it. I was originally going to wear a dress I got from there too, but it was blazing hot and I was already sweating profusely just from straightening my hair while in my bra and underwear lol.

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  • @bluejuice thanks!! he is the king of shirts.  The day before this he wore a shirt that said Baby Daddy.  My dad just looked at him like he was nuts before he burst out laughing.. I can only imagine the shirts he will come home with once baby boy is born.  All thanks to Amazon :):)
  • I found my dress! It's from A Pea in the Pod, but I got it at a maternity resale shop so it only cost $19! Love it! 
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  • I'm wearing a white shirt that will have "Skylar's Mom" on the front with white pants. Dads shirt will say, "Skylar's Dad" with white jeans. Shower is on the 14th
  • WepploWepplo member
    I bought my dress from Pink Blush! It was a little short in front with the bump, but I rocked it anyway! ;) Included a pic because apparently I'm a photo whore.

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