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Weekend Bitchfest

Haven't seen a new one started yet, so here goes! Let's hear 'em!

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Re: Weekend Bitchfest

  • My husband has the flu. We're supposed to be doing a staycation baby moon this weekend. Instead he's conked out in bed and I'm sewing. Which is not a terrible way to spend a Saturday, but I had other adventures in mind. 

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  • @elldel all day bridal shower?! That sounds exhausting 
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  • I know, @Lindsayleigh1989! It's a luncheon, and then we're going to one of those BYOB painting places to drink wine and paint (well, I'll just be painting). It's really cool but.... it's also all day. 

  • I forgot to take my heartburn meds last night. I am dying today. Feels like I have knives stabbing me under my left boob. 
  • @elldel my husband and I had a similar convo about the nursery yesterday as well!! I got mad at him for being lazy about getting it done. The nursery has been a big project for us AND we are both coming to the realization that shit is getting real, real quick!! I hope your day gets better and people are nice to you at the all day bridal shower!
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  • My bitchfest is me/my emotions. It's finally hitting me that I will soon be leaving the job I love, moving from the home we've lived in for the past 3 years, away from our wonderful neighbors and a handful of really amazing friends, etc. I have no motivation to do the last push to get anything done/ready. I just want time to stop for a second so I can savor everything. Cue all the tears. 
  • My nausea. Got up to make breakfast this morning, mixed some pancake batter, and then had to go haul ass to the bathroom to throw up... Now I've eaten, and I still feel like shit... Mh being sick this last week hasn't helped because I think I've gotten his head cold which makes this all worse. 
  • My husband and brother are at the Jay's game and I'm stuck at work 
  • This has been a horrible pee day for me. We are driving around town running various errands I we keep on having to make other stops so I can pee
  • 3rd trimester exhaustion has been kicking my butt these days...it is a beautiful weekend, I should be out and about enjoying it, but I barely have the motivation right now to leave my couch....
  • I'm LIVID.....4 different websites to try and order the crib we wanted....first off, the initial website that the crib was on never as much as emailed or informed me this particular model crib is being discontinued after months of it hanging out posted on our registry. MIL went to purchase and informed me it wasn't available...she then tried 3 other sites and called their stores for availability but they were limited. Today, both MIL & FIL were over helping us paint the nursery and she was going to order one of the remaining 3 she found on Walmart's site....DH walked her through the mobile app and it was ordered and being shipped straight to our home....3 minutes later after a confirmation email that it was ordered, the order was cancelled by Walmart because it was her credit card on DH login account and OUR shipping address. We called customer service and they go on to tell us their website is down and because of security purposes, they cannot place the order this way or even oder by phone. I've never heard of such a thing. Basically nothing can be done. So my son is without a fucking crib and these assholes are so concerned about security purposes, my MIL is sitting right here and willing to give you any and all information to give you business and you can't even do that for her....I'm off the wall right now and beyond pissed.....FML  
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    Going to some Pittsburgh craft beer week events today with my husband and I'm just a whiny baby with my water and I hate it :( I just want to be social and fun again and have a crisp, cold beer while enjoying this beautiful weather. July will be here before we know it, but for now I'm bitching like a baby!
  • My daughter's soccer game was in the rain this morning. I felt obligated to go because DH is the coach. I have wavy hair that I straighten every day, and it's been a mess since it got wet. I'm just too lazy to straighten it again. I've been doing work most of the afternoon for my second job, and all I want to do is sleep.
  • Screw all the people IRL who don't think I can do this without a birthing class. Have your own baby and go to your own damn birthing class. 

    Also, we have to go to dinner with DH's grandma and grandpa, the only people he really talks to from his side. And neither one of us wants to go. Plus DH neglected to ask her if she wanted to attend the baby shower or got her address, so I never sent her an invite and I'm going to look like a twatwaffle when she asks about it tonight and I tell her it's next Saturday. DH swears he will bring it up first and take the blame. We will see. 

  • We've been out shopping for hours and I forgot my water bottle.  I'm dying of thirst.
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  • I decided that since I'm still out of town for work, I'd try to do something nice for myself. Instead of a great afternoon at the salon, I left really upset. The guy screwed up my nails, and told me it was my fault. Got back to the hotel only to find out most of my toes look like garbage after the pedi. So glad I spent all that money today  :'( 
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  • @jwittwer Wth. Pretty sure you could've done a better job yourself, belly and all  :D
  • It's been a great day with DS, but I'm really ready for it to be bedtime. He's 2 and exhausting, and DH has been gone for a majority of the day. He had to go into work for a couple of hours, after which he went wandering around our woods mushroom-hunting. He came home during DS's nap, so he was able to relax when he got home, too. I said I wanted to run to get my nails done while he was napping (I've been waiting to for weeks), and his response was, "Can you wait? (Insert friend's name) said he was going fishing today, and if he's going soon, I'd like to go with him." Seriously, man? You just got home. Luckily said friend is going night-fishing, so I was able to go relax for an hour. But, when I came home, DH was suddenly complaining of a sore throat and has since gone to lay down for the night. 7pm cannot come soon enough... mama needs to lay down!
  • I'm feeling very bitchy today. I've been really emotional because I'm feeling really left out since being pregnant. It's depressing seeing all of my friends doing fun things, and I can't even lie on my stomach  :( the ridiculous part is that I probably wouldn't even go anywhere if I was invited, but it's still depressing.... Or maybe I'm just a bundle of hormones. or maybe both. 
  • Feeling extremely bitchy today. DH thought it would be an awesome idea to plan a golfing trip and have all of his friends meet at our house at 6:30 on a Sunday. Then he couldn't understand why I would be mad about this. Lo and behold all the men get here, the dog barks her head off and boom I'm up at 6:30 on Sunday.

    I also have to go to work on a Sunday. I'm a teacher and we do a stupid open house twice a year on a Sunday that no one comes to. Plus we're moving next weekend so it looks like I will never sleep again. 
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  • I had my first taste of in-person sanctimonious parenting at our all day birthing class. I mean yeah Portland is pretty crunchy but whoa there were clearly "right" and "wrong" ways to have a baby with this group. Having a guy who could have been Jeffrey Dahlmer's twin "tsk"ing your questions is a weird experience. 
  • @AAAG13 open house on a Sunday? I would be pretty bitchy about that too. 
  • I never get my nails or toes done but decided to treat myself before my brother's wedding yesterday. Well, the lady cut my foot. Like, the TOP of my foot. She was using one of those hard callous scrapers and wasn't paying attention and totally scraped the top of my foot! It hurt so bad. There's a dime sized chunk of skin missing and then the rest of my foot has little red scrapes all over it. It was really cute in my bridesmaid dress and heels..... :( I'm going to go ahead and never get a pedicure again lol
  • My shower is today and I swear, everyone is hassling me.. My hosts know my husband and I have Bradley classes Sunday mornings, that ends at 11. For this reason the shower starts at 1. But for some reason they wanted me there at 12? And I obviously wasn't going to Bradley class in a dress and makeup, so I needed to go home to get ready, the shower is 20 minutes away.. I'm just so annoyed and unnecessarily stressed about something that everyone has told me not to stress and worry about. 
    So now I'm on my way, sweating, and my eyeliner (that I wear everyday btw) wasn't going on? And annoyed.. I keep taking deeeeep breaths but they're all texting me every minute asking where I am, etc.. I feel bad, and I'm super excited about the shower, but I'm on my way, I can only get there so fast..
  • @PinkLady2015 at least your DH was smart. Mine just couldn't fathom why I was mad and now is complaining he is tired. For real?! Also I woke up and ate everything I could that didn't interfere with the 90% of our kitchen supplies packed up. 

    @TxTeacher yea the open house sucks. No one comes and we just have to stand there on a Sunday watching the time pass. 
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  • @AAAG13 blah, super lame!!! Next time he takes a nap I think is a good time to reorganize ALL the pots and pans!

  • I wanted to get a few things done around the house today. I made a list of things and planned on DH and I doing them together but he ended up sleeping all day on the couch. I tried doing a few things but I've had horrible hip/pelvic pain all day so I didn't do much. Fast forward to tonight I ran to the store to get a few things and when I came back he had a load of laundry in, thinking it was his boxers/work clothes and stuff to be washed for the week I didn't start another load. Well as we were climbing into bed he asked me if I washed his boxers (because it turns out he just washed his jeans, not boxers) and I told him no he started bitching on how I didn't do anything today and blah blah blah. I really don't feel like hearing about it or dealing with his bitching so it's not 12:30 at night and I'm waiting for the washer to be done while he's snoring next to me -_-
  • @Shelby00519 You are growing a person not doing nothing and sometimes it's painful/uncomfortable so you need to take care of yourself and relax. It's not your fault he can't wash jeans and boxers at the same time
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