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Front Runners for our Baby Girl

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We like these names for different reasons, but each has its downfalls, too (mainly some of them being very very popular or my husband or I liking a name that the other one ranks lower). Our last name begins with M. Which do you like best for us? Are there any you find really awful? Also, we are open to middle name suggestions to go with these names. I would be especially interested in a nature-related or Christian faith-related middle name if one comes to your mind.

Thank you all for your input and honesty. It's great to have somewhere to talk names without talking my husband's ear off since we aren't discussing names with our real-life friends.

Front Runners for our Baby Girl 134 votes

33% 45 votes
14% 19 votes
Emeline (ending rhymes with bean)
4% 6 votes
Emmeline (ending rhymes with Caroline)
13% 18 votes
34% 46 votes
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Re: Front Runners for our Baby Girl

  • Of all those I prefer Ella despite popularity. All the Em names are just everywhere and Amelia and Leah just don't do anything for me

    Ella Pearl
    Ella Faith
    Ella Corrine
    Ella Ruth
    Ella Therese

  • I voted for Amelia, but I love Leah too. For mns, Celeste would be lovely and nature inspired. I like Joy, Faith, and Hope too.
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  • LNic5LNic5
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    Ella Mary 
    Ella Celeste
    Ella Gwyneth (means blessed)
    Ella Dawn
    Ella Hazel
    Ella Ruby
    Ella Pearl
    Ella Brooke
    Ella Rosemary 
    Ella Violet
  • Eko14Eko14
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    Voted for Leah but Amelia is a very close second.
    Is there a letter you don't want to use for a MN? Or a favourite part of nature? 

    I had Leah Molly Mikgibberish (my LN is a M and long) for my first but had a boy.

    Leah Celeste
    Leah Jasmine
    Leah Starling
    Leah Sparrow

    Here is a long list of Nature names for girls :)
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  • Voted Leah, with Amelia as my second choice. I would toss the Emeline/Emmeline options, since spelling and pronunciation would be a hassle to correct all the time. You could always nn Amelia "Emmy" or "Emma" if you like those names.

    Mn options:
    Leah/Amelia Faith
    Leah/Amelia Grace
    Amelia Hope
    Amelia Joy

    Amelia Fern
    Leah/Amelia Rose
    Leah/Amelia Brooke
    Leah Violet

  • Absolutely love Ella and Amelia. The others are fine just NMS.
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  • I've always liked Ella and Amelia.  In my opinion, Ella isn't as popular as Amelia. Both would be great choices. Good luck
  • Leah is my favorite. It's pretty, not overdone and easy to pronounce. Emeline/Emmeline would probably get mispronounced often. I would assume that Emeline was pronounced like Caroline not like bean, and I'm not a fan of the bean pronunciation regardless of spelling. For no particular reason I've just always disliked the name Amelia and Ella is just too popular, even though it is pretty.
  • alyssa0714alyssa0714
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    Court9187 said:
    I've always liked Ella and Amelia.  In my opinion, Ella isn't as popular as Amelia. Both would be great choices. Good luck
    Ella was ranked #17 by the SSN and Amelia #15 but that doesn't take into consideration all of the longer names that are shortened to the nickname Ella, so my bet would be that in usage it actually ends up being more popular. Either way, they are pretty close!
  • Amelia Wren was the first thing that came to mind for me.
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  • Amelia Rose
    Amelia Grace
    Amelia Rae (meaning "Full of Grace")
  • Thank you all for your input so far... I suppose we are leaning toward Leah, which was my husband's favorite anyway, but this is a tough decision!!
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