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It's a boy!

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Time to come up with some boy names.  DS1 is Levi.  The only other name we agreed on (before finding out the gender) was Paige.  We want something that's not too common, but easily recognizable/pronounceable.  One or two syllables, that would combine well with a Nigerian last name of 4 syllables starting with O.  Baby will have a Nigerian middle name as well.

Ready, go!

Re: It's a boy!

  • Clark, Jay, Andrew, Jack, Connor, Avery, Glen, Francis, Bradley, Grant, Ian, Nico. 
    DD: Ophelia 5/18/15
  • Alec, Asher, Chad, Cole, Drew, Emmett, Eric, Ezra, Graham, Joel, Jude, Lance, Mark, Nolan, Seth, Todd
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  • Miles, Eric, Evan, Dean, Cole
  • Caleb
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  • Wesley, Samuel, Nathan, Matthew
  • Grant, Reid, Isaac
  • My favorites of those are Asher and Andrew/Drew, but DH has already vetoed both of them. :-(
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    If you like Asher and Andrew, what about Archer, Andre, Alan, Adrian, Amos, or Adam?

    Edited to add, also suggesting: David, Daniel, Lucas, Logan, William, Colin, Samuel, Oscar, Garrett
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