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Two MN's?

My husband and I are considering giving our daughter (due in May) two middle names. It was not something we had originally intended to do, but we stumbled upon two names that just seemed to come together. My main concern is how it will work for her when she does standardized testing. 

Is anyone else planning to give their LO two middle names? I'm curious to get opinions on the idea of having two middle names in general. Is it a yes or no in your book, or are you neutral? 

Re: Two MN's?

  • I think it's more hassle then it's worth personally. 
  • It's a no for me. It seems like a nuisance.
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  • Go for it.  In many cultures children have lots of names. 
  • My brother has two middle names and the only time it was an issue was at his grad school graduation. He kept winning awards and they were announcing him as two separate people. Other than that, it was a good way to honor two different people. 
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  • My mom has 4 middle names. She just uses the first one for most things. Dh has 2. I don't think he's ever had an issue. 
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  • My brother has 2 mn, and it is only an issue if you like getting things monogrammed (most companies will only do 3 letters).
  • IMHO its unnessecary and sort of a nuisance unless you are dead set on honoring 2 people.
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  • I think it's too much. Not because of standardized testing though... I'm sure it would be ok in that regard but it's just overkill.  What are the two middle names? Maybe they could be hyphenated into one like Mary-Kate?
  • Go for it! 
  • Thank you all for your honesty! I think what is making this the most difficult is that I can see both sides of the argument. My husband is now dead set on using both names, and I love both as well. However, hyphenation is possible and seems like a good solution! I'll run it by him.
  • What are the names, if you don't mind me asking?
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