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MN for Landon

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Thinking of going with Landon for FN trying to think of a middle. Last name starts with B and is two syllables.  Suggestions welcome :)

MN for Landon 76 votes

Landon Thomas
76% 58 votes
Landon William
10% 8 votes
Landon Jay
13% 10 votes

Re: MN for Landon

  • I vote for William, as that is my DS's MN and is also my dad's name so of course I love it! For other suggestions- do you have any dads, grandads, uncles, etc that have names you like? I've always had the philosophy that a MN should be meaningful in some way so an homage to a family member could be a place to look for name suggestions... 
  • Jay is a family name on my husband's side :)
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  • I really like the sound of Landon Thomas! 
    That being said, Jay sounds great, too, and I love that it's a family name. ;)
  • I've always liked Thomas as a middle name . Jay is also nice for family reasons 

  • LNic5LNic5
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    Landon Thomas 
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