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Chugged a glass full of half 'n half instead of milk this morning...

So gross!  Guess I was a little tired!  Along the lines of the "funny things you've said to LO" thread, anyone else suffering from mommy brain?

Re: Chugged a glass full of half 'n half instead of milk this morning...

  • Haha yuck! The other night before bed I made sure all the bottles were washed but I was missing one. Couldn't find it anywhere, called my mom (who watched LO during the day) she had no idea. We finally found it .. In the trash! Must have thrown it away instead of putting it in the sink. I'm not even that tired anymore! 
  • Took LO to her pediatrician during early morning walk-in hours because she had a 103 fever. Definitely wrote my name on the check in sheet instead of hers. Took 10 minutes for them to figure out we were actually there for. Oh, then I completely blanked on her birthday. Like completely. I said "I know she was home in time for Halloween."
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  • I just had the hospital I delivered at call me to pay a bill. The bill was under LO's name and her birthday.  The guy asked for LO's birthday (she's October 19th) and I accidentally told him mine October 11, 1992 ... The best part is he paused for a long time until I realized I was pretty much telling him my daughter I gave birth to in October is 23 :joy: 

    I was so focused on her EDD (October 13th) for my whole pregnancy, that I still have to remind myself her actual Birthday is the 19th lol 
  • I was playing on snap chat and couldnt figure out how to add the special effects, so my cousin says "you just press on the face" at which point i pressed on LO cheek..her actual cheek, not the screen...smh
  • Went in the shower with my glasses on last week. Didn't notice until the room was foggy from the steam. 
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