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Un-used breast pump (Medela) - what to replace? And.. Medela vs. hospital pump?

My SIL just gave me her Medela Pump In Style Advanced breast pump.  She was never able to breast feed (or pump for that matter) so it's unused minus an attempt or two that didn't work.  It's been 2 years though, so even un-used, I think I need to replace things.  I keep getting mixed results online - what do I need to replace? 

Question part 2 - my insurance will not cover a Medela pump, for instance, but will cover a "Hospital Grade" breast pump, purchased directly from the doctor with a prescription.  My OB just keeps saying, "Take the pump home from the hospital."  Are the hospital pumps as good as the Medelas?  Am I better off using a hospital pump?  Ultimately, I need a very good pump that is automatic, does both breasts at the same time and is efficient for when I go back to work.  The Medela was enticing to me because they're readily available, so if something goes wrong, getting replacement parts should be fairly easy.  I'm not sure that would be true with a "Hospital Pump."  Also, what are the "hospital pumps?"  Is there some sort of hospital pump brand? lol, thanks!

Re: Un-used breast pump (Medela) - what to replace? And.. Medela vs. hospital pump?

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    In ordering order to find out what needs to be replaced on your medela I would just call the manufacturer (google can help you find the correct number)

    as as for the difference between your pump and a hospital grade pump, I did some digging and found that there was a thread done on this question some time ago.


    From what I gathered by glancing over the thread, hospital pumps are quieter, more efficient, but harder to travel with. 

    I actually just received my breast pump through insurance (they also offered hospital grade which I chose not to get) this past weekend and I already love it. I got a "natures bond" brand single or double electric pump. I would definitely look into getting the hospital pump as well though, what's the harm in having two, and seeing what works better for you?

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  • If you're going back to work, I would get the hospital Grade pump only because there's less of a chance for your supply to run out since they are more powerful pumps. I have the Medela one and it never emptied my breast. I have to hand express after
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    I rented a hospital pump at home since my son was in NICU. It was way more efficient and powerful, also heavier. I would suggest having that at work or where you do most pumping. I would keep the gifted one at home. The pump you were given looks similar to the non-hospital one I have, which means the milk doesn't travel through the tubes. I think they call it closed loop or something like that. It goes straight from the breast to the bottle (basically). Honestly, I would simply wash the parts. If you're worried you could replace the valve, but I think a good washing would do. I was given one from some one who used it a couple times and didn't need it. I got rid of it because everything I read said not to reuse a pump from some one else. Once I had my kid and started pumping I realized how untrue that was. 
  • thanks all!
  • The Pump in Style Advanced is NOT a closed pump, but since it was used once or twice I wouldn't worry about it. I used a PISA to pump at work, it's easy to carry around. I'd def replace the valves, tubing, flanges (get the right size) and membranes, MayMom on Amazon is great, way cheaper than Medela branded parts at BRU. It was like $13 total for a bundle of tubes, membranes, flanges and valves on Amazon.

    If your insurance also provides a hospital grade pump that's great, take it and run, they're supposed to have superior suction and will be great for building a good supply and stash while you're on leave. All the hospitals here use Medela Symphony which is way too big to cart back and forth to work.

    Nothing wrong with having two pumps, you can keep the PISA at work and the Symphony at home. 
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