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Eliza or Mila?

fireflygirl12fireflygirl12 member
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Which is best for baby sister to Wesley Eli and Owen Reid? LN Sh-roe-der.

Eliza or Mila? 96 votes

48% 47 votes
45% 44 votes
Keep trying
5% 5 votes

Re: Eliza or Mila?

  • MN suggestions welcome for either :)

  • Eliza! Love it!

    Eliza Jane
    Eliza Pearl
    Eliza Claire
    Eliza June
    Eliza Paige
    Eliza Joy
    Eliza Ruth
    Eliza Blaire
    Eliza Faith
    Eliza Opal
    Eliza Anne

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  • Wesley, Owen, and Eliza sound great together! Eliza Claire, Eliza Lynne, Eliza Grace, Eliza Rose, Eliza Joy, Eliza Ruth, Eliza Jean
  • Eliza is really nice! I've never been a huge fan of Mila though, especially since it gets mispronounced fairly often. 
  • Mila Faith
    Mila Jane
    Mila Josephine
    Mila Julianne
    Mila Juliet
    Mila Katherine
    Mila Kay
    Mila Vivian
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  • I prefer Mila, but because of multiple pronunciation issues voted for Eliza.
  • Mila is cute but I'm partial to Eliza  ;) 
    My middle name is Catherine but I prefer to shorten it to Kate, I think it flows better. PP's have given some great suggestions already!
  • I like both but prefer Mila. Pronounced like Me-la, right?
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