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Rec. your baby wear

first thank you in advance and I apologize for the long story but I'm looking for a baby carrier with some specific things!
I am a mom of a 5 yo, 2 yo, and newborn. 
With my first I used a baby bjorn which was great but lacked some back support, with my second a friend lent me her Moby which was great except it was not practical to run errands wrapping with all that fabric. Shortly after my second child was born I suffered a back injury. So that pretty much ended the baby wearing for that baby.
This time I need to wear just because there is so much going on with the other two with school, sports, etc. This go round, I have tried the ergo and it was too bulky (I'm pretty short) and the ktan which did not have enough back support. So I am looking for something with a lot of back support that will hold the baby snug but still be comfortable. what baby carrier do you recommend? 

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