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Baby literally fighting off breast

The past week I've been in a fight with my LO to eat off my breast. She takes the bottles just fine but when it comes to eating from me she refuses. She eats very little them screams like she's not getting anything but there is milk in there cuz I can squeeze it out. I don't understand why she's doing it and it's really frustrating me. She doesn't wanna be put down so it's hard for me to pump a lot. I've had to start giving her formula because I have no stash to feed her and I don't want her to go hungry. Does anyone have any ideas as to why she might be doing this? I really didn't want to stop breast feeding at least before 5 months or so and she's just about to only be 3 months. I feel like I'm losing my mind 

Re: Baby literally fighting off breast

  • LO has just started doing this, she's 12 weeks. I am able to switch her to the other breast and she's fine. For some reason she gets worked up when she unlatches herself and then I have to switch her from side to side. She has also started fighting sleep really bad and I think these two things might be connected. Sorry, I don't have any advice but just know you aren't alone!

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  • Mine does this occasionally when he's over tired. I give him an ounce or two from the bottle then put him back on the breast and he does better
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  • It's nice to know I'm not alone. Even switching from side to side she still gets angry. It's just so frustrating when I'm so willing to breast feed but she's not lol. This kid has always fought her sleep. If someone isn't holding her and bouncing or walking around she's an angry little one lol. It's so difficult, idk if I'd pin her as colic or not but I'm leaning more towards yes cuz she's normally more unhappy than happy lol she has no problems with bottle so I'm going to order these herbal supplements and try and boost my supply to be crazy so I can pump enough for her to eat that way so I don't have to completely switch to formula
  • It could be that she just prefers the bottle. When they feed off the breast it is work. They have to actively suck and work and it takes more effort than the bottle which almost pours the milk into their greedy little mouths. Keep trying! There may not actually be a problem, just a lazy baby.
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  • My guess would be that baby prefers the bottle, most likely because of the faster flow. Do you practice paced feeding? I Have heard that you can correct this issue, if in fact this is the issue, but it takes hard work and some time. 
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  • I could have written this post. It's screaming and pushing when I try to nurse her for the last week. I even went to the doctor today.
  • This happens to me and then I sing a song I used to sing to her when she was in utero and she starts to eat again from the breast.  It's literally the strangest thing. 
  • Meg920 said:
    I could have written this post. It's screaming and pushing when I try to nurse her for the last week. I even went to the doctor today.
    Ugh that's all I deal with! I'm gunna take her to a new doctor on Wednesday cuz I hate her current one. Did your doctor say anything? And thanks everyone. It's just hard for paced feeding cuz daddy is home with her and hates to let her scream so he barely even takes the bottle out to burp her! So I'm just pumping for the time being while trying to get her to latch. I don't wanna make her hate the breast though and never go back by forcing her on there. I just wish I would've built up a better supply so I don't have to give her formula.
  • I'm going through the same thing. I just give up and try 10 min or so later, and eventually she eats. 
  • Same here. My baby have eaten pumped breast milk from a bottle 3 times total because I had to run errands and she started crying on the breast. Almoast a month of agony but i am not giving up to the bottle. Keeping in mind she is probably just straight up lazy to suck enough to feed from the breast (but if you are concerned for baby's health consult with yourdoc). But you can try many things. Singing to her,walking around the room while nursing, in a dark and quiet room(so there are no distributions) or the exact opposite. Try while she is half asleep she may instinctively suck. Different positions such as football hold or in bed with you. Maybe you are eating something she doesn't like. Remain calm and I know how hard that is. Push forward and know you are not alone! Good luck
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    @Ameehan81592 the doctor thinks it's just a group wth spurt. She was eating almost every 2 Hours yesterday. They suggested a level 2 nipple and the to keep trying to nurse...
  • Ameehan81592Ameehan81592 member
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    Thank you for all the help ladies! I just don't wanna have the mentality of oh she'll get hungry enough and eat eventually. I feel like I can see a dip in my supply already. I try not to get frustrated to bad but it's just like hum hello kid that's where the food comes from. And pumping never gets enough out I feel like. Sometimes I could get like 5 ounces then other times it's less than a half an ounce. Ugh! The movies make breast feeding look so nice and peaceful! Lol if only, I'm still trying but when she gets to frustrated I, against my willingness, give her formula so she's able to get some food in her belly. Two days ago I held her while she watched cartoons and it was great so o tried it again later. Nothing but A fight lol
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    My son turned 12 weeks last Sat and has been doing the same thing for a little over a week. I found a blog post about wonder week 12 that describes a similar nursing behavior, so I'm hoping its just a phase. I'm just staying persistent and patient - giving him more time at each breast and switching breasts seems to work for a minute or two. I know he probably doesn't understand but I talk to him and tell him things like he needs to eat up so he can get good rest and grow strong etc etc. its usually just met with a smile, but that's worth it too!!

    oops, meant to add link. https://www.mannlymama.com/2012/10/wonder-week-12-transitions/
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    That's a great read. I wish she wasn't fussy when eating and just pushed away to find new things lol she flips out but hopefully it will pass. She did learn spitting bubbles recently so there's that. Hopefully this phase ends soon 
  • Is this a new behavior? Is LO very spitty after eating? My son was doing this and it turned out he had reflux, and a prescription for Zantac, turned it all around. 

    As for pumping, feed then pump. It should signal your body that you need more milk and after a day of doing it may increase your supply. 
  • klbhklbh member
    My son was doing this during his 12-week wonder week too! I was concerned because he'd been doing more bottle feeding, so I worried he was starting to prefer it over the breast. At the same time he was much more fussy and wanted to eat much more frequently. I had all kinds of worries about milk supply, as you might imagine. But for the last day or so--knock on wood--he seems to be back to his usual self. I'm chalking it up to a growth spurt. And maybe he really was signaling for more milk and my supply caught up. He's doing lots of the wonder week milestones, including spit bubbles and rolling over.
  • It was new. She's still doing it and my supply is in peril. I've still been trying here and there but I just don't wanna make her upset. Cuz it just makes it worse. It's been so difficult with going back to work to try and pump and keep my supply where it needs to be and with her fighting me when I'm home. I'm still trying to get her to nurse occasionally but I've come more to terms that we might be a formula household from now on. I'm still upset about it but I'm more accepting of it. I pumped yesterday after no action for more than 15 hours and my boobs hurt VERY bad but I only got a total of 3.5 ounces and she's taking 5 sometimes 6 in formula. So I just don't think I'm able to make what she needs. She wasn't spitting after eating so I don't think it's a reflex problem 
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