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Erin ?? ....

I'm back! :( So I thought my husband liked the name Ariana, and so came up with Ariana Kate...only to have him tell me that he didn't really like Ariana anymore, lol. 
So, our current thought is Erin. I like it, but kind of wish it was a little more "wow, neat name" sounding, but I think it is simple, straight forward (hard to mess up spelling, make into a nickname) and will grow up well, so I'm good with it! 
We are reeeealy struggling to come up with a middle name though! 

I liked Erin Audrey, but it seems vowel heavy.
He suggested Erin Storm, but he has a cousin named Aaron, whose last name is Storm, so nope.
What are some good ideas? I like classic names that sound feminine, and I think a feminine name would balance out the (possible) masculinity of Erin.

Re: Erin ?? ....

  • Erin Lydia 
    Erin Laurel
    Erin Felicity 
    Erin Willa
    Erin Isabelle 
    Erin Calliope 
    Erin Margot 
    Erin Marjorie 
    Erin Penelope 
    Erin Olivia 
  • Erin Elizabeth 

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  • I actually like Erin Audrey. Since Erin ends in a consonant I think the flow is nice. 
  • I like Erin Elizabeth too.  
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  • Erin Elizabeth as well.
  • I also like Erin Elizabeth and Erin Amelia.
  • Elizabeth sounds really nice with Erin, but unfortunately, I don't really like the name. :( 
    My grandma would be thrilled though, because it's a name she loves and never used. I think she's suggested it to me with every pregnancy, lol! :) 
  • I think Erin Audrey sounds nice. 

    Other suggestion:
    Erin Isabel 
    Erin Poppy
    Erin Grace
    Erin Juliet
    Erin Violet
    Erin Michelle
    Erin Olivia
    Erin Alexandra
    Erin Frances
    Erin Lucy
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  • Just wanted to say we named my little girl (5 years old) Erin, and I love it.  We do have to clarify the spelling whenever we are signing her up for something or whatever (Erin vs. Aaron), but it's not too bad.  

    Her middle name is my maiden name.  

    How about 
    Erin Kathryn
    Erin Claire 
    Me: 1979 * Husband: 1976 * Little girl: 2010 * Little guy: 2013 * MMC: 2016 * Last baby: EDD 2/11/17!  
  • Erin noelle
    erin nicole
    erin danielle

  • Erin Josephine
  • Erin Meredith
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