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Travel - Zika

I am new to the community and 17 weeks pregnant.  I have a cruise booked for next week to the Caribbean.  Has any Soon-to-be mom's traveled recently? Did you get blood tested after? Thanks!

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  • The CDC is a level 2 which was updated in February from level 1 and is a precaution and the recommendations are bug spray (Deet).  Have you traveled and did you do any blood work after? Thank you.
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  • Cancelled our Mexico trip in March.... Just not worth it. 
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  • @delujm0  most cruise lines have the policy that they will let you sail until 24 weeks because a fetus is not likely to be viable prior to then no matter what kind of care you provide.  You are usually required to bring a doctors note confirming your due date as well as that you are healthy to travel.  I have seen firsthand (on another message board) women bragging about abusing the system and having their doctors lie in order to still be able to go on the trip despite being 26 weeks along.  What you've heard is likely the cruise line assuming people are lying about their gestation and refusing to let them on which, based on the flagrant disregard I saw on the other board, I don't blame them for. 
  • I have taken three trips and was just fine, I went on a cruise. It's not recommended but we had already booked trips and our doctor said it would be extremely rare. We did not eat or drink at any of the ports. :) 
  • i had a blast on my trips and the not eating and drinking on port wasn't my idea, it was the advise of my physician and OB doctor. I could die at anytime, I'm not one to live my life in fear. I'm headed to the Middle East for work next week. My chances of dying in a car wreck is greater, but I'm not going to avoid cars. That's just my friendly views, but everyone is different. My physicians don't seemed concerned with the panic the media produces. :)
  • OP, cancel your trip.  Usually you can get a full-refund with a letter from a doctor.  Putting your child's development in jeopardy really isn't worth the risk.

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  • I'm sorry your upset with my views, I've tested negative and will continue following the advise of two qualified and  educated physicians over some worried mums on the "bump" putting me down doesn't really solve anything does it? I'm offering my advise to someone who asked, not everyone has to agree do they dear? 
  • @winks

    I went on a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean back in Feb and I was 13 weeks pregnant. Definite scare from the virus. But DH and I stayed on the ship (did not get off on the islands), we wore bug spray everyday, and I never saw one bug! We had support from our family and made time just having fun on the ship. We didn't do any excursions or got off the ship because we didn't want to enhance the risk. I don't regret going, and loved getting in one last vacation before having children (and baby is as healthy as can be). (and even my ob said to go for it). Now, just because everything turned out fine with mine, doesn't mean it will for everyone. If you feel comfortable going and want to, do it. Just take the necessary precautions.

    Don't let people make you feel guilty for wanting to live your life. I risk mine and my babies life by driving everyday, does that mean I'll driving? Nope. And when that mosquito gets here with the virus, I will once again have to make precautions at my own home.
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  • I'm in the U.S. and scared to death to be outside at night! I am seriously a Mosquitos best friend. I'm canceling going to parties which are outside at night. Short term and it will help me stay sane :) Maybe I'm a little over the top ;)
  • I had no idea that there are so many selfish, idiots on the bump. If you are this reckless and self centered during your pregnancy I fear for your children when they are born... If they make it.
  • My husband and I we're in Belize when I was about 2 weeks pregnant and didn't know yet. We we're both bit probably 4 or 5 times. When we came home we found out that Zika virus had spread to moswuitos in Belize and we also found out we we're pregnant.  Once I told my doctor she immediately called and got the test ordered. It took about 8 weeks for the (negative) result to come back but those 8 weeks we're some of the most scary weeks of my life. In hindsight, I would never have gone had I known,  and will not be traveling anywhere close to Zika affected areas while pregnant or even considering/trying. They are recommending women not get pregnant in entire countries. Come on, if you think this ia joke then u will believe whatever u want to believe it's not about your baby. 
  • I conceived in Mexico in early June and now am
    waiting for results of my blood test (though I was in an area with only 3 cases and had 1 bite, husband 0). It's scary stuff.  Good luck.  I believe CDC is taking this so seriously because they are aware that so many cases go undetected.  4/5 people have no symptoms and don't get tested.  
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