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Feeling extremely full at 30 weeks

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I am approaching 31 weeks and am finding that I am not very hungry. After I eat I feel very full. I think it is the baby pushing on my stomach. Is anyone else experiencing this? I am trying to just eat light meals every 3-4 hours. I also drink a lot of water.  
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Re: Feeling extremely full at 30 weeks

  • Same here. I'm hungry more often, but I find myself getting full very fast and barely eating, so I just keep snacks on hand at all times.

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  • This is one of my least favorite aspects of being pregnant! I've been feeling this way for weeks. Sometimes it gets painful, like my stomach is being squished between my uterus and my rib cage. I think the muscles around my ribs are being bruised or something from the pressure - who knows. OB wasn't worried about it. But I'm always hungry!!! I would just try to eat six small meals. I don't always follow this, but I know when I get further along, before this baby drops, I'll have to try to be better about eating smaller meals.

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  • Yes. I had forgotten about this phase haha. You literally don't have room...your uterus is pushing your lungs, stomach, bladder and everything else out of the way. Try to eat protein/healthy stuff first, but keep snacks around all the time.
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  • Same- I have pretty much felt this way the entire pregnancy. So different than I expected!

    Baby and I are both healthy though so I'm not worried about :)
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  • Yup. My H says I don't eat a lot for a pregnant woman. Lol I tell him, well when your stomach is getting flattened like a pancake, it's kind of hard! But I'm always hungry, so I just eat small snacks all day pretty much. 
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  • Yeah. I don't want to eat today at all. I've got GD so I'm trying to get in my carbs and protein with the least amount of food possible.
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  • OMG yes. And thank you @MynaBird for sharing those graphics. It totally explains why I feel so terrible! I have horrible indigestion all the time :( 
  • OMG yes. And thank you @MynaBird for sharing those graphics. It totally explains why I feel so terrible! I have horrible indigestion all the time :( 
    You're welcome! I remembered someone sharing something like them on my BMB last time, and it definitely helped me get a more clear concept of just what was going on and made me think about eating more small, frequent meals to take it easy on my poor tiny stomach.
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  • Ugh. I feel like no matter how big or small my meal I feel so full. For example I'll eat a bowl of cereal at 8:30 then not get hungry till 1 but I'm scared to eat too much cause my heartburn is horrible so I'll have like a piece of fruit or cheese then I'm full again till dinner which is my last meal.  Lucky for me I'm still gaining weight so I guess I shouldn't worry but I just feel like I don't eat enough.
  • Yup, I told my husband last weekend I was hungry and full at the same time.

  • This was my last pregnancy. I wouldn't be able to finish meals I could usually finish not pregnant...probably lent to DH gaining sympathy weight last time because he'd eat all my leftovers. This pregnancy, I can't stop eating and never get the very full feeling. Totally normal!

  • Yes! I can maybe eat a quarter or my normal portion before feeling full and uncomfortable. Best to eat smaller more frequent meals and keep healthy snacks on hand
  • @MynaBird love that graphic! It's actually from an exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. On their website you can fast forward and pause, which is fun :-)
  • @lolonvive Found what I'll be doing all morning!
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  • MynaBird said:
    @lolonvive Found what I'll be doing all morning! 

    Stupid box.

    Here I was, trying to figure out how to waste the next 2 hours. SCORE!
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