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Thankful Thursday 4/14

Because I think our thread could use some positive vibes today!
I am just super appreciative right now. First and formost my DH he is a rockstar and super helpful with our LO and always does the dishes. Best hubby ever. Next for family I have great family including my inlaws who are always willing to help with LO as well as hang out with me when hubby is out of town for work. Also dear friends I was able to go visit my dear friend who just had her second baby because another friend offered to take my LO for a few hours. It really does take a village to raise our kids. Lastly the rain we have had a lot of it the last two days and everything is so green it's beautiful! 

Re: Thankful Thursday 4/14

  • @mjschenk those are great thankfuls!  
    I could echo many of those.
    I'm thankful for sun, beautiful blue sky, 60 degrees, and no wind here in OH...that really does a lot to lift your spirits!  Also, we are visiting my family in IN this weekend and surprising my sisters, so I'm pumped about that.
  • I'm having a rough day, chronic illness & working while being a mom is taking a toll on me. So grateful for LO, love her so, & she lights up my life. Our beautiful backyard, so many flowers in bloom & fun to explore with LO & DH.
    Hope you're all doing well!
  • @ciennah99 I am positive you are doing great I admire all moms who work you are amazing!!!
  • I'm thankful it's now Friday and tomorrow is Saturday!! My mom flies in tomorrow night so I'm super excited about that!

    im thankful for my best friend who has been able to help us watch the kids this week while we get day care stuff taken care of! 

    Im thankful for all this rain (even though it's messing up my plans) BC we really need it. 

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  • TGIF! Thankful for beautiful weather and a local family friendly brewery with a large playground. LO had fun playing with several other babies and kids tonight. And I had fun chatting with their mamas.
    I am SO excited for warm weather to finally be here! It's such a mood game changer.
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