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How to thank for beautiful silver baby spoon?

So I received a beautiful silver baby spoon for my shower.  I am writing out my thank yous and I don't know exactly what to say about it cause I really don't know what to do with it.  

Like if people gave me money or gift card, I sent them a pic of what I used it for. For example " You helped in getting our crib!" And I would go into more detail about it.  

I really appreciate the gift, but what can I say about it?  I really don't want to say "this will probably sit in a drawer forever because I got thse 3 dollar spoons at babies are us that are dishwasher safe and change colors if it gets too hot". Lol 

I want to say more than just " thank you for the beautiful baby spoon". But what can I say?  Am I expected to actually use it? Should I hang it on a wall?  What do you actually do with a silver baby spoon?

Re: How to thank for beautiful silver baby spoon?

  • I would just say thank you for the beautiful keepsake for our little one and for attending our shower. No need to go into much more detail than that.
  • Ditto above -- "thanks for the special memento of our child's babyhood."  You don't have to go into particular detail other than that.
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  • I must be a cheeseball, because I actually love traditional gifts like that. To me, it's an honor to you and your baby  that someone would want you both to have such a lavish version of an everyday object. To answer your question about what to do with it: you can actually use it, either for everyday eating or special occasions like first feeding of solids, or holidays, or any other occasions where you might get out the good silverware for the rest of the family. OR, if you don't want to use it, you can just place it in a keepsake box along with other momentos like a lock of hair from first haircut, first lost tooth, etc.
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  • In addition to what others have said, I would write something like "I look forward to sharing this keepsake with LO when she is older, and will take care that she has it always" since it sounds like you don't plan to actually use it. 
  • Just use it. Forget the plastic harmful spoons. :)
  • My mother used mine with me and when I graduated from being a baby, she had it turned into a lovely ring that I still wear.
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  • Dear So-and-so,

    Thank you so much for being a part of my baby shower.  It meant so much me to me and XXX that you could be with us to share in the joy of our baby-to-be.  The silver spoon you gifted is with is so unique and beautiful.  What a thoughtful keepsake. 

    Again, thank you for sharing in my special day. 

    We look forward to many more happy occasions together.



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