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I'm seriously struggling to carve out time and energy for myself right now. When I have a moment to myself I just want to run up and jump in my bed.
What are you interested in outside of being a mom - and how do you make time for those things?
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Re: BTDT Moms - Your time

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    I'm practically a teenage boy - today to carve time for myself I played playstation 4 and watched Star Wars.  :smile:   I wanted to nap instead but reminded myself that the time left to do things all by myself is growing shorter every day!
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    Honestly, when I have 30+ minutes I do crawl in bed.  My favorite interests are not quick options: golf, hiking, camping, paddle boarding, cayaking.  I did get out and garden for a bit yesterday instead of napping, it was nice.  I'm going to start doing yoga while DS naps.  I think I can stick with that.
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    On the rare occasion when all three kids are amusing themselves, I'll hit the couch with a book for a few minutes.  That pretty much guarantees that someone will need me for something within two minutes!  I enjoy working out and photography as well, but those can't really be fit into 10 minute slots.
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    We are members at our local YMCA, so my "me" time has become working out while they're at childwatch.  Also, they're young enough that they will still take a nap in the early afternoon, so I generally take that time to eat lunch in peace and bump/surf the net/watch a favorite tv show.
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    My "me" time is hard to find, but I really like to take my dog for really long walks. It's an excuse to get some exercise and spend some much needed time alone! :)
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    I do Israeli dancing on Sunday nights. Otherwise my chill time is crocheting or knitting while binge watching tv after bedtime. 

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    I am a nurse and a photographer. April is a crazy month with senior photos, family photos, sooooo many newborns, Boudoirs, bridals and two weddings. So me time lately is editing photos. As soon as this month is over I'm going back to yoga, running (I'm hopeful) with my dogs, and as much lake and beach time as I can squeeze in. 
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    I have to remember that working outside the home doesn't really count as "me time" :neutral:  Working out by doing some type of yoga or barre, especially early in the morning before the kids are up, gives me such good energy for the day. I'm in a book study with some women, going through a Brene' Brown book and that has also been lovely  <3

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    I umpire softball & baseball games. Its assigned, but it guarantees me some time without H or L.

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