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4th cesarean success stories?

Hello everyone! I'm currently six months postpartum and just found out my husband and I are expecting again! This will be our fourth sweet blessing from God! I am excited, but nervous at the same time because I'm afraid my uterus hasn't had enough time to heal. If anyone has any success stories on multiple cesareans, please reply to my post. Thank you!! 

Re: 4th cesarean success stories?

  • I had 4 and had no problems outside of lots of scar tissue.  The last one did take the longest at 1 hr and 10 miutes. 
  • I've only had two, third one will be this october, but i got pregnant with my second one 4 months postpartum from my first. My doctor said i had so little scar tissue without the scar which was faint that you would have never known that I had a previous c section. Your body knows how to heal quickly. Good luck with number 4! I actually healed much fast with my second before I could even leave the hospital I felt great. Hoping for the same result this time. 
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  • I am having my 5th c/s in a couple weeks. 
    The previous 4....1st an emergency after labor and I passed out, 2nd, had hoped for a VBAC but had high blood pressure at 40 weeks so they didn't let me go past the date and the other 2 were scheduled at 39 weeks. The 3rd and 4th were probably the easiest. This one, they want me to deliver a little earlier around 37 weeks because of my age and scar tissue. I'm hoping 38 weeks for a little more time. I have a couple close friends that have successfully had 4 or more as well. Every woman and pregnancy is so different.  Good luck!
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  • Not me but my due date twin when I was pregnant with my daughter was having her 5th c section and all of them went smooth
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