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Annoying Ads

Anyone else seeing unbearable ads showing up in the middle of the list of threads and inside of posts within threads themselves?

This is really making me not want to use TB anymore... 

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Re: Annoying Ads

  • YES!!! It's been annoying me all day. Mobile doesn't have them (yet).
  • Yesss. Just started this afternoon. Hopefully just a glitch..?
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  • Yea, I bumped on my desktop for the first time in a week today and I encountered one of those ads. So so annoying. :(

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  • I came on TB on my laptop when I got home and all these terrible ads are just here in the middle of the page! WHY?! So. terrible. 

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  • They're so awful. I straight up quit bumping cause they would take forever to load and mess me up. At least mobile bumping is still normal. 

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  • Yes! I'm so annoyed! And I hate mobile bumping so this is getting really frustrating. If it is a glitch I feel like the bump has had a lot of them lately.
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  • I loathe adblock, but it was enough to get me to finally add it.  So much better now.
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  • OMG @MrsDho11 thank you for mentioning adblock!! What a difference!

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  • My computer is slow enough as it is without all these ads slowing it down even more. How frustrating.
  • @MrsDho11 ooh, I forgot about adblock. I'm gonna gave to download that. Thanks for the reminder!

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  • The irony is that most of the ads are for the Bump app that everyone hates, but the terrible ads drive everyone to the stupid app that is terrible, making the users even more angry. How about you spend money making the app better instead of on dumb ads?! 

  • I feel like there's a "premium" Bump in the near future that removes all the ads...Thanks for the AdBlock reminder @MrsDho11 :)
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  • Yup they just popped up on mobile for me
  • Yes, there are a lot of different adblockers but I personally use and can attest it works awesome:
    AdBlock Plus:

    I use them together. I never ever see ads. I also have a youtube adblocker but it's un-necessary for here. I use FBP for Facebook. 


  • So the ads just popped up on the app. And I also got a spammy pop up message as I was scrolling like ***click here winner**** no other windows or apps opened and Im super cautious about what is downloaded to my phone. Really hoping its not from the bump. 

  • Mobile bumping...I can't scroll straight anymore, like the ads are affecting the alignment of the posts.

    Difficult for one handed bumping like when nursing. A-holes.
  • whaatwhaat member
    But the new app has better graphic design so.. there's that?  :|
  • I'm no longer seeing the ads on the new bump app. Last night I was seeing them on the old bump app. I'll take it. 
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    DD 10-29-2016
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