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Kidney Stones in Late Pregnancy?

Anyone deal with this. Any advice?

Basically they have told me to "drink more water". The pain is excruciating and the constant feeling that my bladder is full even after I go to the bathroom is just awful...and painful. 

If  you dealt with this, how long did it last? I've already passed one stone (they believe...there was evidence in my urinalysis from Monday's OB appt) but they don't know if that was the only one. 

This stinks.  I'm terrified I'll be dealing with kidney stones + labor. I'm 36 weeks 6 days. 

Re: Kidney Stones in Late Pregnancy?

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    My doctor admitted me and I stayed in the hospital for four days being hooked up to an IV 24/7. This helped me to pass the 7mm stone before going home. They had me strain my urine (gross, I know) into a plastic measuring cup to make sure I had passed the stone and that I was emptying adequate amounts of liquid. I recorded it in a booklet for the doctor. They also kept monitoring the baby's heart rate and movements to make sure he/she was okay as well. I'm so greatful they kept me because the pain was so severe there was no way I could have looked after myself at home. I'm sending up lots of prayers for you! I wouldn't wish kidney stone pain on my worst enemy!

    edit - because I forgot to mention

    They also did a couple of ultrasounds to see the kidney stone. It doesn't work for everyone if the stone is too small but they could see it with mine. 
  • Man, sounds like your doc was way on the ball! 

    My OB returns from vacation on Monday and I have an appt. then so I'm hoping they offer me SOME sort of option of relief outside of "hey, drink water"
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  • One of my best friends had kidney stones throughout her pregnancy. If it makes you feel any better, she said that they were way worse than actually giving birth. . .

    I know this probably wasn't the response you were looking for, but maybe it helps a little at least?
  • @SherlockedMom have you been to the emergency room? I feel so awful for you :( 
  • No, just labor and delivery twice. The second time I went I was SURE I was in labor, that's how much pain I was in. 

    They did an ultrasound at L&D to see if they could see any of the stones, didn't see anything, and didn't confirm stones until my urinalysis on Monday. 

  • I was positive I was in labour when I had the kidney stone pain as well! 
  • Lurking from May.. Im 35 weeks along.. 4 weeks ago I was diagnosed with a kidney stone lodged in my right ureter-  it caused my right kidney to have Hydronephrosis.  My doctor put me on flomax to help pass the stone.  Unfortunately it still took me 3 weeks to pass it.  It was hell and my body is still recovering.  Drink lots of water and get a ton of rest

  • Pretty sure I passed one.....not sure if there's more....but I feel SO much better than I did even 2 days ago....hopefully this is the end of it.  NOT. FUN.
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