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GTKY - What's your favorite "treat yo'self" beverage?

In honor of "Treat Yo'self Tuesday"... What's your favorite "treat" beverage? Is it different during pregnancy?
(i.e. fru-fru coffee drinks, milkshakes, smoothies, etc.)

Mine is usually Starbucks Double Chocolately Chip Frappuccino; no coffee so it's good any time, day or night!
At the moment, however, I'm addicted to Starbucks Caramelized Honey Iced Lattes (decaf). I'm drinking one right now. :smiley: 
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Re: GTKY - What's your favorite "treat yo'self" beverage?

  • I am all about milkshakes this pregnancy! Oreo shakes from Burger King are my current fave!
  • @1faceinacrowd I almost tried the new honey latte this weekend but went with an old staple. I'll have to give it a try because it sounds so good!

    I love getting iced tea. It is basic, but almost anytime I'm out running errands by myself I'll get one. I'm a tea snob so it has to be either: Canes, McAlisters, ChickFilA, Starbucks or Sonic. 
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  • When I'm not pregnant, it's WINE of course! But these days it's a Starbucks green tea & lemonade, and once in a while a ginger beer (before I was pregnant I bought a bunch of those with the idea of making Moscow mules, but that never happened!). Btw, before anyone flames me, ginger beer is non-alcoholic! 
  • Wawa Cookies and Cream Frozen Capp... sooo good. Definitely a pregnancy thing though because before pregnancy I thought it was too sweet. Not pregnant give me all caramel macchiatos from Starbucks... I love caffeine. 
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  • It's been shamrock shakes... I wish they were year round!

  • Mountain Dew!!! Plain and simple! I mostly drink water, or water with Lemon, but I have been treating myself to a Dew every few days, but only while I'm at work.
  • I would love a darn cold pepsi, my next go to is a Tim Horton's (Canada) English toffee with whipped topping and chocolate drizzle. I haven't had any pop in almost a year, and I may have a Tim's 5 times a year total. Otherwise its just cold water, almond milk and orange juice, I have a very restricted diet due to health issue.
  • A chocolate milkshake from McDonald's and sundrop! Now I currently want both, all of my cravings stem from the bump!
  • Yum these all sound amazing! I got a foutain Dr Pepper the other day and that may become a semi-regular occurance because it was amazing. 

  • I'm also loving McDonald's chocolate shakes! Only because the drive thru is two minutes away. I also love chocolate fribbles from friendlys.
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  • @Snaps816Ginger beer with lime is one of my favorites as well! It's my go-to on date nights with DH or out with friends when I'm sick of water and miss having a real drink. 

    Totally craving a milkshake now though! 
  • McDonald's sweet tea.. Mmm
    ShanRum3Duffgurl[Deleted User]
  • These all sound so good.  I am really craving lime-aide. 

  • Chocolate milkshake 

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  • Not a drink, but can I rant about the fact that DQ and McDonalds or anywhere else no longer have Smarties(the chocolate candy) Blizzards/McFlurry. This classic cannot be replaced with m&m's it's just not the same. I am forced to eat Skor (yes forced, baby will not be happy otherwise LOL :) )

  • I'll second the lime aide but more of a route 44 cherry lime aide from sonic!
  • @Lynnlove28 a McDonalds' chocolate shake may be in my very near future now. Uhoh...
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  • WinnieLou82WinnieLou82 member
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    I don't drink very exciting drinks normally so my beverage treat is definitely non-alcoholic beer or champagne. Cheers!

  • I'm also a sucker for McDonalds sweet tea. I've been loving my decaf coffe with coldstone sweet cream creamer and a dash of cinnamon.
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  • Starbucks iced tea. So good! And it doesn't help that  there is a Starbucks right across the street from my apartment and work. I also was really wanting fountain coke when the morning sickness was was there only thing that helped. 
  • Pregnancy- A sonic cherry limeaid, a sonic cream slush, or root beer! 

    Prepregnancy- a London fog!
  • Sonic's new creamery dark chocolate shakes are pretty tasty. 

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  • Pregnancy drink treats are vanilla malts and coke. Before pregnancy my go to was white Russians. And coffee. Pregnant or not I love my coffee, it just involves lots of decaf these days :)
  • Dr. Pepper, Braums shakes, and now I want a McDonalds chocolate shake...
  • Earlier in the pregnancy I was loving Snapple Kiwi Strawberry. Now on the weekends I'll drink a diet Mt Dew if I need some caffeine. 

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  • Pregnancy : strawberry banana  anything (smoothies,Capri sun ,juicy juice etc lol) and ice tea no lemon add 3 Splenda so it's sweet.
    Prepregnancy : fireball lol 
  • Starbucks new honey caramel decaf :) sooo good 
  • @karaszoo1 your comment on the tea makes me laugh because where I'm from any tea you get is sweet. The first time I visited my sister in PA I asked for tea and they brought me unsweetened, I was like can I just get a coke? 
  • skelly70skelly70 member
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    Eta-posted before I finished. 
  • Tall coffee frap from Starbucks!!
  • I've been loving lemonade lately from panera or a decaf iced caramel macchiato from starbucks
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  • I love an Arnold Palmer or a Blizzard. Another poster mentioned they are not drinks, but they are still valid for TYST, I believe. 
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  • @1faceinacrowd , great gtky topic!

    Coffee,  but only 1 per day. Lately I've also been enjoying Costco organic lemonade, or lemonade cut with water.

    Also Silk chocolate cashew milk. 

    Prepregnancy, nothing beats a nice glass of pinot noir!!
  • Now I'm craving a cookies n cream milk shake from chick fil a! 

    I normally just drink a lot of water and one cup of coffee a day pre pregnancy. But I've been having aversions to coffee for weeks. During pregnancy I've been drinking Mountain Dew for caffeine and have been craving lemonade a lot!
  • Fresh made ginger beer
  • I have been hooked on lemonade lately. Something super simple that I just never got before. Yum! 
  • Black-and-white milkshakes!  Extra extra thick!
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  • pregnancy- i love strawberries and cream from starbucks, strawberry banana smoothie or shake, and anything from sonics sometimes i get carried away there :smile:  i been staying away from soda i take sips here and there but then baby gets to moving after the sips i drink mostly water and juices is my daily drinks 

    prepregnancy- pink moscato wine or champagne
  • Rose, all day darling!! 
  • I almost forgot -- Trader Joe's low calorie organic lemonade! Both the regular and pink varieties are awesome! Half the sugar and still nice and sweet and tart. 
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