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    I have 2 and it's not even 6am here.
     1. My phone is off on its time. Like it is still showing 7:45 from last night, so H panicked that I was late for work and I got up over an hour early.
     2. Speashul snowflakes, who don't use logic and science.

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    My BF is for my builder, who apparently used flat paint on ALL of our walls.  Know what flat paint looks like when sticky, messy toddler hands touch the walls all day long?  A freaking mess is what.  I've touched up the lower part of all walls downstairs twice now and we've only lived here 8 months.  Repainting the entire house seems like such an insurmountable task right now.  I'd rather pay to have it done, but the IRS seems to think it's more important we pay thousands more in taxes than we already did last year.  I guess that's 2 for me today, too.   
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    DH tried to be nice and 'cleaned' yesterday but he knows everytime he does it just frustrates me to no end because his cleaning is shoving things in places they don't do you not see the Tupperware is stacked according to size as your cramming it in the cupboard??!! I've had to reorganize the whole kitchen this morning :/
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    I had a headache last night and couldn't sleep. I finally took tylenol PM at 11:45 and now I'm exhausted. Plus, I still have the headache. I feel super grouchy today and don't really feel like holding it all in. 

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    It's snowing and half of my appointments got cancelled.  But not the first one of the day or the last one.
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    My 2 years old had to catch up on vaccines yesterday, and she must have tensed up because I think it hit a muscle. Her legs are in so much pain she hasn't walked in almost 24 hours, you can even really touch her to pick her up or readjust her on the bed. She's been in my bed watching movies and I hate that I can't do anything! 

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    I know it's Tuesday and I'm a day late, but can I chime in? My 21mo is miserable with a cold (it's literally going through my daycare) and was up from 1:30am-5:45am so, I was too. Now I'm SUPER exhausted instead of just exhausted...
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    I'm also late to this but I had to say something. I have severely underestimated the moody pregnancy hormones and how short of a temper it would give me towards my toddler. It doesn't help that she's energetic and constantly on the move or wants to be super clingy
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    I'm a day too late on this but I'm totally with @ashcakes921 this moodiness is terrible! My poor DH tries to me helpful and all I can do is pick at him and criticize everything... I even criticized how he trimmed his beard two days ago. Today I was overly concerned with his lack of sunglasses to protect is eyes and lectured him about it for 15 minutes until he promised he would get prescription sunglasses. What the f? Is anyone else feeling super controlling? 
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    A day late as well, but moodiness like WHOA. I've been insanely emotional over the silliest things - and the rational half of my brain shouts at the moodiness: "WHY are you freaking out? This is not a big deal. You are overreacting. Calm down, preggo brain!". *sigh* 

    BONUS: I work at a university library and (just like my previous pregnancies), my capability to be patient with patrons' lack of planning. i.e. 'this paper is due at midnight tonight and I need 10 sources, help me!" or "I don't have enough pages (they pay per page here) to print my 30 page paper. Could you let it slide this one time?" or "I need to print my paper for my class that is in 5 minutes and the printer is not responding to my every whim, and the internet is suddenly down, and yes, I've had this paper finished for hours, and I've been in the library all day and could have printed it multiple times before now, but FIX IT NOW!" - yeah, that patience is GONE.

    Your lack of planning does not constitute an emergency for me. GO AWAY. 

    I swear, I am a nice person! lol

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