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Urg oily hair!!

Ive never had issues with oily hair... Ever. Until this week. My roots look like I drenched them in conditioner and haven't rinsed :( Yuck yuck yuck!! I know it's all pregnancy hormones, but doesn't make me feel better. I'm being careful not to apply conditioner at my roots. Only shampooing, and I don't use any product. Anyone else dealing with this, and if so, have you found anything that works to control this? This better not last past pregnancy!!

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Re: Urg oily hair!!

  • Don't wash every day, just rinse it. Use dry shampoo. 
  • I switched to tea tree shampoo or any kind of citrus shampoo a few weeks back! It did the trick and I wash my hair every day :)
  • Thanks ladies. Picked up a bottle of cheapie Sauve for oily hair today. Miracle worker!! I don't look like a dirt ball today ;)

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  • I had this so bad right after DD was born. I used several shampoos and washed multiple times with no luck. Did some googling and found a recommendation to use dish soap. Not good for healthy hair or as a regular regimen. I was desperate and it really helped. I had to do it maybe 3 times over a couple of weeks and then it stopped being a problem.
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  • Try low poo but using shampoo for oily hair. Your sebaceous glands are overstimulated right now, but if you wash your hair less frequently then they will calm down. Your hair will be gross for a few weeks but then the improvement is spectacular.
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