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When to tell??

Hello my fellow preggo ladies!

My DH and I haven't told anyone yet we are pregnant... Not even our parents! We're waiting till we hit 7 weeks which is absolute agony. 

So I'm curious....
Who have you told already? Are you planning on hitting a certain milestone before you spill the beans? What about when you plan on telling your boss?

I'd love to hear! 
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Re: When to tell??

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    With my last two pregnancies we told close family and friends around 5-6 weeks, but didn't announce it. This time we want to keep it to ourselves until 2 successful u/s, probably after our mc milestones (10weeks). And even then we will only tell our parents and my bffs. We will probably share it with people we see everyday after the first trimester. I don't plan to announce on Facebook, we will let others figure it out from my bump. 

    TW--------- losses mentioned---------
    we lost both our pgs at 10 wks (mmc) so I had to text everyone I had told, which sucked. However, we did get some support during that difficult time. 
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    We haven't told anyone yet and probably won't until after the first OB appointment/ultrasound at 8 weeks.  My current plan is to tell our immediate family around/on Mother's Day, and then our close friends after the first trimester.  I doubt that we make any kind of big announcement on Facebook, etc. at any point.
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    I couldn't help but tell my mom yesterday, I'm so bad at keeping happy secrets! But DH and I have decided all other parents won't know until at least 8 weeks and my boss and everyone else won't get told until after 12 weeks. 

    **tw--loss mention**
    this is our 4th, all 3 previous were lost before 6weeks so praying this is a strong sticky rainbow baby!
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    I've told most everyone at work and my parents and a few friends.  I hate keeping it a secret, after my Mc last may it was hard to tell people I lost the baby but was nice to have the support. I'm not announcing on facebook till 8 or 12 weeks not sure yet but the people that have been there for me know, that's all that matters to me :)
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    We told all our parents on Easter. Since I will be high risk and have 2-3 app each week in the 3rd tri my counselor and principal need to know, so they found out yesterday.

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    All of our family and many friends and coworkers knew the dates of our IVF and because they were supportive we told them right away. In the event this is not a viable pregnancy I know I can count on them for support.

    Had this pregnancy not been medically assisted we would have held off until first ultrasound.

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    We are telling our families on Mother's day. We will probably announce to close friends after that. We will probably wait till our US at 20 weeks to announce on FB. I told the other special education teacher I work with. This helped out when i had to run out puking the other day and needed someone to cover my class.

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    We told my inlaws tonight and we'll tell my parents soon I imagine. Probably won't do a more widespread announcement until around 12 weeks. If this pregnancy is anything like my last I will have a dating US around 8 or 9 weeks followed by a 12 week appointment with doppler to find heartbeat. If that all goes well we'll spill the beans
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    I told my sister and a few close friends when I got my bfp mostly because I'm going on vacation with them in a couple weeks so I think they'd figure it out anyway because I'm horrible at keeping secrets. 
    Everyone else I'll wait to tell until after 12 weeks. The first trimester is always nerve wracking and my first pg was a mc. 
    With DD I actually caved and told my boss at 9 or 10 weeks because my morning sickness was so bad. Fingers crossed I can hold out longer before telling him this time. 
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    edited April 2016
    I'm horrible at keeping a secret, and we've been trying so hard that everyone asks me every day anyway so I just couldn't lie!  My parents, siblings, and in-laws all know and a bout 4-5 of my best friends.  I don't think there's anything wrong with telling the people you love, as if I had a miscarriage I would still want to tell them about it for support.
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    The only people who know are my diabetes educator, the lady in the supermarket asking if I was pregnant because I was upset I couldn't taste her wine samples, and my small group. I told my small group the same day we got the BFP, because I felt I wanted a community of prayer and support from day 1 for better and for worse. 

    Mom's and dad's we are telling this week (4 wk5 day). Having them over for dinner to look at our finished pergola and have our dog run out in his "big brother" shirt.  FB will probably be 12 weeks. I have a few friends I'd like to tell sooner, you know.. best friends and important people like that!

    I'm worried about MIL though. She gossips and can't keep secrets.. the last thing I want is for her to tell the whole extended family on his side, without us even knowing. And then FB of course.. she'd probably make a post saying " I have a secret and I'm so excited!! Wish I could share!!" And then TAG us in it haha.

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    @Sugargirl1019 to help with avoiding the FB tag, you can change your settings so that you have to approve the tag.

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    I'm at the 4 week, 4 days stage, and this will be our first. We were so excited so tonight we told my dad, because we were celebrating his birthday! My mom is away on vacation so we are hoping to tell her as soon as she gets back. 

    I'm having such a hard time not telling my close friends! We are thinking of waiting till the 8 week mark to tell close friends, then the 12 week or so to share it with the world. That's our plan, but who knows how it will turn out! I'm finding it hard to keep it in.
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    I told everyone already because I was so excited about it.  My whole family and friends know.  I have not published it in Facebook.  
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    I've told my sister and few close friends. We generally wait to tell parents until after we hear the heartbeat (due to our history of loss), but my in-laws found out tonight because they dropped by unexpectedly while I was at work, and DH forgot to hide the pregnancy test box. Grr. O well. We probably will not announce to social media until well after 12w. With DD2 it was closer to 16w.

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    I got a BFP on March 31, and we told my parents on Saturday (4/2). We plan to tell DH's parents tomorrow when we see them (although we did see them this weekend, but were around others too). My SIL and hubby will get told this week, and then I'll see my sister this coming weekend when I see her.

    Just immediate family now, and maybe our grandparents after the 8-week ultrasound. Extended will be after first trimester, as well as everyone else.

    I may send out a text to close friends before announcing it to more people (Facebook), just as a heads up. Or tell those that I see prior to that, if the topic comes up.
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    Gizmo1231Gizmo1231 member
    edited April 2016
    First baby, didn't tell anyone until 8 weeks. This baby... told grandparents today, which is when we found out :) We won't tell others until after the 1st appointment and then make it more "Facebook official" after the first trimester is over. 
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    Positive test on March 26th our parents/siblings all knew the by the 29th. Two friends guessed because I tried to fib/change the subject when they asked and they called me out. One co worker knows because we co teach and we have a very active class and there are some duties I won't be able to preform anymore (we are also close friends)
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    We found out yesterday. I really wanted to wait until at least 8-10 weeks to share,  but DH insisted we at least tell our parents. So we did, but asked them to keep it private for now. 

    He left to go visit some out of state friends today and he told them (can't keep a secret!), but I'll wait to tell our local friends and rest of the family around 10 weeks. 
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