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Progesterone dosage?

Hi guys, first post here. I'm 4 weeks 6 days and had my first appointment since my loss in November. I expressed some concern about progesterone because my sister had two losses in similar circumstances at my age and she swears progesterone is the reason that she's had two healthy kids since. I've seen some conflicting information on that, but anyway- I asked to have my levels done and they said that they don't really like to do that based on numbers because normal is different for different people and they'd just give me a script just in case. 

Anyway, I have suppositories, 200 mg each to be taken twice a day. That seems like a lot to me, especially for not even knowing if I really have an issue with P4? It sounds like 100 mg twice a day is more typical. Any experience/thoughts?

Re: Progesterone dosage?

  • I'm currently 13+2 and have been on progesterone 200mg oral twice a day since I found out I was expecting.  When I am 16 weeks my doctor is switching me to the 17p injections once a week.
  • I took 200mg orally for the first 14 weeks and then at 25 weeks I was put on 100mg vaganily once a day. I asked why the dose was lower and was told since its taken vaginaly you don't need as high of a dose. 
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