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Mini pill pregnancy? Thoughts?

Hi guys I am so sorry if this is the wrong group to post in...I know there are some zombie posts on this matter, but I wanted to get some more input so I can reply and discuss. I am on mini pill currently and not breast feeding. Since I cannot take estrogen this option works best for me...Any recent stories of getting pregnant on mini pill? If so did you take it exactly on time or maybe 1-2 hours late. I know with 3 hours you need backup. Just wanted some updated input. Husband and I are not against getting pregnant necessarily, but if this pill is very ineffective I may change to another option. Thank you so much and again am very sorry if this is wrong group to post in.

Re: Mini pill pregnancy? Thoughts?

  • I think this would be a good question to ask the doctor prescribing it to you.
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  • Take it ON TIME ALL THE TIME. I was off time a few times and now I'm pregnant. I strongly advocate mini pills if you can't do estrogen, but they are HIGH MAINTENANCE.
  • I've definitely heard of women getting pregnant on the mini-pill, even some that were breastfeeding. I see one stat that says 13/100 women get pregnant in their first year on the minipill. That is pretty high. There are more effective non-estrogen options out there you may want to ask you doctor about (IUD or nexplanon arm implant). I have the latter and for the most part, I love it.

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