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Breastfeeding pain!

Hi, I've been having trouble BF since baby was born. Had skin to skin after a very easy birth but baby showed no interest in feeding this continued for the first 3 days with baby losing  quite a lot if weight. On day 3 we started trying to feed her every3 hours and then topping up with EBM and a little formula (if there wasn't enough EBM) this continued for a week and she started to feed better at the breast and gain well. She's gaining steadily (but sometimes a little slowly?) but I'm experiencing bad pain particularly on one breast. I've seen councillors and my HV and MW in hospital and they all said everything was fine. The BF councillor most recently said she was nipple feeding but wasn't able to improve this! I can't get her to open wide or lean her head back, she goes very quickly from sound asleep to crying and thrashing! No calm hunger cues most of the time! She's 5 weeks old tomorrow and I'm adamant I'll carry on but I wish there was a fix for the pain! Any suggestions or just sympathy appreciated! I've heard some people say it will just fix itself. Is that true!? TIA! xx

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  • Have you tried a nipple shield yet? If she's only getting the nipple in her mouth it's going to cause a lot of pain and damage over time. Is you BF counselor a certified lactation consultant? If not I advise you find one in your county or a neighboring county. Their expertise is invaluable!


  • Here are some helpful articles about this issue. I'd look for an IBCLC for additional help. Or find a local LLL and start going, or contact the leader for help.
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  • Gel pads!  They help so much.  Babies learn something new every day.  Open your mouth wide and she will eventually imitate you.  And I second contacting LLL.  I had issues in the beginning - two nursing classes and three lactation consultants didn't help me nearly as much as the ladies at LLL.  
    FYI- I had much more pain with the shield. I hated it. 
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    I'm sure you've read all the tips, but a few that have helped me with this:
    remember to bring the baby to your breast, not the breast to your baby. Also, try starting with your nipple at bridge of her nose and maneuver her so that it runs down her nose toward her lips. This has helped me get a deeper latch. Plus I had to learn to relax. My shoulders and arms were so tense, so that just made it more stressful. I've also learned not to feed through the pain. If it hurts, I take her off and try to latch again till it's not painful. GL! You will get it. Just takes time :blush: 
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