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Boy vs. Girl pregnancies

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I am pregnant with my first boy after having two girls. I've noticed such a huge difference between this pregnancy and my previous two.

With my girls I had much more nausea and vomiting. I also experienced strong strong meat aversions for the first couple of months. 

With this baby, I've had very little nausea but I'm SO EXHAUSTED. All the time. I'm also showing way less and have gained less weight than with my girls.

What are your boy vs girl differences/symptoms?or do they both feel the same?

Re: Boy vs. Girl pregnancies

  • I had a boy and was SO
    EXHAUSTED. To the point where I would take a "nap" after work and wake up the next day. Super brutal. This time I'm not finding out the sex, but I have been exhaustion free so I'm curious if we are having a girl. I think the different symptoms of different sex babies is interesting. :)
  • I'm a FTM so far no complaints. I have not been sick nor gained alot. The only thing that is new is I developed eczema on my arm and part of my neck -_-. We will not find out what we are having till birth. 
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  • Well this is my second girl and these pregnancies are like night and day so I don't really feel that gender matters when it comes to symptoms. Just my own experience. 

    Swelling at 18 weeks vs. 30 weeks
    nausea 24/7 through 2nd tri vs car sick only the first tri
    i have had low blood pressure with both so I guess that is the same. 
  • With DS, I had all day nausea until 15.5 weeks and then I was good to go. I wanted to eat junk food and never had much exhaustion. I also was only up once a night to pee until I hit around 35 weeks. Then it was 3-5 times.

    This go around, baby is a girl. I had nausea starting at 3pm through the rest of the day. At almost 22 weeks, I still have to take my meds at night or else I feel off the next day. I have wanted fruit and veggies like crazy this time. I've also been up at least twice a night to pee for weeks now. Then again, that might just be a second pregnancy thing. I had a feeling this baby was going to be a girl because of how different my nausea was.
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  • With DD I didn't have any exhaustion at all, I was like wtf exhaustion is everyone whining about?!?  I had some food aversions but never really experienced morning sickness.  I did have meat aversions for a while, and smells of just about everything, including my husband's body wash lingering in the bathroom after he would shower made me gag - I had to always shower first.  I lost weight my first tri because I only wanted plain bland food and just wasn't hungry.  I craved OJ, ketchup and freezer pops.  My skin was flawless!  Also, at the beginning, my hair actually fell out!  Around 8 weeks it finally stopped and I noticed I was getting new hair around my face - I had little fuzz that would stick up because it was short and just growing in.  I got hair in other places on my body that was nice cute (stomach, chin, neck), but my mustache, which I usually have to wax for bleach every few weeks completely stopped growing.  The hair on my legs and nether regions also got a lot darker and thicker and that never went away.

    This time it's a boy and it's been completely different.  I had crazy exhaustion, to the point where I'd put DD to bed and pass out right along with her and wake up the next morning.  I was nauseous all the time until about 13/14 weeks, but when I wasn't feeling sick I had a crazy appetite and haven't really been averse to anything in particular.  Things definitely smell stronger, but nothing is really grossing me out except the smell of truffles - so weird because I love truffles!  My cravings this time are eggs eggs eggs and SBUX berry refreshers.   I also have teenage boy acne going on all over my chest, back, hairline and neck sort of under my ears - my skin was flawless with DD.  I haven't gained my weight this time, maybe a few lbs now at 20w6d, but I wouldn't consider that part much different from last time except that I didn't lose at the beginning.  My bodily hair growth has been a little less this time, my tummy hasn't been as bad, but I do have a few more chin and neck hairs than I did before.  My mustache didn't stop growing this time but it has slowed down a lot and I think I've only had to groom it maybe once the whole pregnancy so far.
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  • Boy- extremely tired I think I stayed in bed for a week straight, no bad nausea, I just didn't want to eat or cook
    Girl- terrible morning sickness, no extreme fatigue I'm just regular "mom" tired 
    I don't really gain weight until the 3rd tri where I balloon out, so we will have to wait and see there :) 
  • DD- super easy pregnancy, never had any nausea, I did swell pretty bad but that's to be expected for the most part. 

    Boy this time around- my BP has been high from the get go, I had to do the 3 hour glucose test all ready, I just started feeling better at 20 weeks. I was nauseous pretty much 24/7 up until about a week ago. 

    I dont think that boy vs girl pregnancies are different, I think it's more every pregnancy is different no matter the sex! 
  • I have a girl and a boy and now another boy. All 3 pregnancies have been very similar. My first son I didn't have much nausea but this boy I do. So it's all random for me. 
  • DS#1 (side note I was 17,he's now 17 ) no ms no nothing no symptoms other than craved peanut butter and honey sandwiches hardly gained any weight he was born at 33 weeks after a 2 hour start to finish med free labor. 
    DS#2 (he's 20 mos) 24/7 sickness nausea heartburn exhaustion the ENTIRE PREGNANCY AND LABOR gained 29 pds total . He was born at 38 weeks after a 14 hr labor with Nubain and epidural.
    Pregnant with DD (22 weeks tomoro) 24/7 ms nausea exhaustion heartburn etc .only gained 1 pd so far(but I'm starting out heavier than I did with both boys ) so far this pregnancy is exactly like my last who knows if it's gender based,maternal age, other factors (having more children to chase around than previous etc)

  • FTM with a boy, and still queasy every morning and after 6 pm.  I have to eat every 2 hours or feel pukey, and still taking diclegis.  I puked once a week like clockwork through 14 weeks.  I started having back pain at like 5 weeks, and hip and tailbone pain by 12 weeks.  My massage therapist tells me that she sees the back/hip pain earlier in her ladies expecting baby boys, but not sure if there's anything to that!
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    I have been pregnant with three boys and one girl.  My daughter was by far the hardest on me first tri.  Lots of aversions, especially to meet. Boys I was more tired.  Each pregnancy first tri symptoms last longer and longer.  With my first boy I barely had nausea.  This boy lots.  
  • My boy I was happy, never sick and tired.

    now with a girl I was horrible sick, grump and tired but chasing a toddler! 
  • This is my 3rd pregnancy. 1st was a boy, no issues at all, I was 18 at the time and in great shape. Now fast forward, 17 years, found out Monday we are having a boy!! Morning/All day sickness till week 16, now heartburn has set in. And tired? Starting to think 36 is too old for this! I had 2 good weeks then the time changed and I haven't been the same since.
  • 2nd pregnancy, Boy this time. Had a girl 1st.

    I've noticed from the beginning how different it's been that's why I was really convinced it was a boy (confirmed last week!). Though I know all pregnancies are different. What I've noticed so far:

    Morning sickness: 0% with DS, nausea with DD but no throwing up (but always felt like I could)
    Food Aversions: Could not even cook or look at meat with DD, now with DS I haven't had a single food aversion
    Skin issues: Broke out on face and back with DD. Just a little breakout on face with DS. The worst was 1month after DD was born, my skin went CRAZY. I am really hoping it does not happen again with DS!! Took months to clear up and was embarrassed to leave the house.
    Weight: Gained a total of almost 60lbs with DD. So far at 21 weeks with DS only gained about 12. Eating about the same (have GD so have to watch it).
    Energy: Have a lot more energy now with DS. Still working out a lot (probably helping with the weight I am sure!). DD I didn't work out as much.

    Towards the end is when I ran into more problems. Biggest was my amniotic fluids started running very low. Was on partial bed rest, seeing a specialist for ultrasounds and stress tests on a weekly basis. And had to have her via C-section at 37w5d because of such low fluid + breech. All that started at week 20 until the delivery.
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