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STMs not ready?

Okay, so this was a planned baby, but I guess in my head I just figured we don't need nearly as much stuff or prep this time since we already had a baby. I am just realizing that I am pretty sure I have literally bought nothing for this baby yet or done anything toward having a room ready. We have plans to move DD to a big girl room by the end of this month that is currently unpainted and without furniture. Painting is planned for this weekend. Furniture to come soon. I want a few things like a new carrier, but I was induced 11 days late with DD and feel overly confident that there's no need to rush this time as I fully expect an August baby (foolish planning, I know). Anyone else feeling way behind?
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Re: STMs not ready?

  • I'm in the same boat. 

    We'll need a whole nursery set for the baby as DD is still in her crib (and we'll convert her crib to a toddler and then full down the road).

    I've literally purchased nothing, nor have I painted the new nursery. I've been looking at some second-hand cribs this time around. Funny how things have changed with this second child!!

    I'll get there... eventually, haha.
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  • I've bought bottles...and that's about all. Lol...I don't feel too worried since I have essentials like a bassinet and car seat (barely a year old) from my DS, but I'll be buying some cute clothes second hand and diapers when we get closer to go time.  I think I stressed way too much the first time about what we needed. Finished his nursery the night before I went into labor, and then didn't even use it for at least 4-5 months, so I'm a lot more relaxed about preparations this time.
  • I had done absolutely nothing until today. I am in the midst of sorting through DSs old clothes to see if we need to buy more seasonal clothing for the new baby. It's making my back hurt though and I don't want to finish. Ha!

    My awesome mom self is debating whether or not to pull out the clothes that are stained. I'm kinda like, eh. Baby won't care. 
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  • STM... I've got nothing :).  DD is staying in her crib, so this next one will be rocking a flower pack n play.  I need to find some consignment shops for cloths.  His BRU registry has 5 things on it, two of which are baby carriers for me to wear him :).
  • I have a list... And that's it, lol! It's so overwhelming to think of what needs to get done. DD's nursery wasn't done until she was 9 months old (I think), so I would love to have the nursery set up/ painted before this baby gets here.  The only thing I really have is clothes and those are still in the attic.  I threw out DD's bottles because I hated them so I feel like I'm starting completely over.  I guess we still have her bucket car seat too.  As someone mentioned previously, no one has time with a toddler running around! 
  • Totally, DD is 18 months now. I get a little cleaning or organizing done and by the time I've done that, there's more other stuff to do then when I started. Hoping to switch her to her bed by the end of April. Yes, I'm hoping for a magical month as well.

    Here's some STM guilt for you as a bonus: DH and I both completely forgot our a/s was today until it was too late for DH to make it and I was driving like a maniac to get there on time. We both felt terrible. No way would that have happened last time. Thankfully, the office was super nice and let us reschedule for later this week so we can both be there.
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  • @whataboutscience Oops on the A/S! I almost forgot about ours as well, until my IL said "Did you want me to watch DD on Wednesday?" I was like "What's Wednesday?" and then she reminded me of my appointment. Poor second child!
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  • I painted DS's big boy room today. However, that is ALL I have done. I got a ton of second hand clothes but only a couple of pieces are NB, so I guess I have a little bit to do still :).  
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  • Same here. 

    We are finishing up a kitchen renovation, and we are renovating another room to make it our new master, and baby will have our current room. So basically, we can't set up baby's room until the new master is finished. We used a convertible crib for DD (who is 6) who now has a full size bed, so we need a new crib. We haven't decided what we're doing as far as a changing table, but we do have the Pack and Play we can use in the mean time, and I also bought a Rock and Play (I'm thinking one can stay upstairs in our room and the other will stay downstairs). We are trying to decide on carseats (since DD's have expired) - infant seat versus this Graco 4Ever seat. We have gear (like the stroller, highchair, etc) in the basement, and I've bought some clothes, but there is no evidence upstairs in our house of a nursery so far. 

    I was induced with DD 10 days after her due date, so I was thinking I might be able to have til the end of July with this little guy, but I guess we need to get going on getting our house together. I'm not so pressed to have the nursery together, because DD didn't sleep in her crib until she was 4 months old, I just want the renovations done so we can get our bedroom together, and I'm assuming DS will sleep in our room with us for a few months.
  • I'm there too! Room was painted by my bil this weekend but that's it! Ds is only 9 months and still will need his crib, haven't picked any nursery furniture yet. Luckily ds was born last June so we have all the clothes we need and most of the young baby stuff is just down in the basement to move up when needed. I'm being induced 3 weeks early due to some complications which puts this LO being born in the middle of June... Times flying! I better get on it! 
  • 3rd child is not even getting a room. He is sharing a space with me for the 1st year or so. 

    This is what happened to #3 and will be happening with this one too lol.  

  • I've done some shopping (pretty much all online), but yeah, nothing with the nursery yet.  We're converting DS's whale-themed nursery into a mermaid-themed one.  He changed rooms a year ago, so it shouldn't be too much trouble once we get started...  It's just waaayyyy harder this time with a 3 year old running around!
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  • I'm feeling this way too. We planned this baby to be our last, so I"m torn between thinking I can be frugal on things I need or splurging. We sold our carseat, so we need a new one and I have one chosen just waiting on getting the amazon completion discount. I would like a cosleeper that's not a armsreach, I hated that. I think I want the guava crib and play yard combo, just getting myself to pull the trigger on it. Other than that, we were given a bunch of girl clothes which is awesome. I did buy a few dresses since it's been 13 years since I"ve had a baby girl. We also need a new car and are looking at a nissan nv, since we wont fit into our odyssey as a family anymore. Fortunately, 14 year old girls don't want to go anywhere with their family, so we are ok for a while still! So I guess, we really aren't ready, but besides the carseat, I think we could manage.
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  • @kellz14 ,  I think it's great for most people and we did end up using the pack n play a lot. For me it was too bulky though. I wanted something I could easily move around and up and down stairs if needed. Sometimes I ended up sleeping on the couch with television if the baby was fussy and up a lot to keep from waking up the rest of the family. The ones that get great reviews for maneuverability and safety seem to be pricey so I keep checking CL daily to see if I can score a good deal on something.
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  • @emnoahmom Cool, thank you for the info

  • I think I'm in the same boat with most of the rest of you ladies here... I have all the essentials, but when I made a registry for a shopping list/to get the completion discount, I realized that there are quite a few things I still need! Even with time flying by, though, I think I should be able to get everything done in the next three months. That way, if he decides to come a couple weeks early, everything should be ready.
  • I'm honestly more interested and concerned about getting my son's big boy room finished and acclimating him than preparing for this baby.  Whoops! I guess I'm just figuring I have time for all of that.

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  • I've made "the list", so I feel like that was accomplishment enough for now. I'm hoping that my breast pump still works after having had it in the attic for a year, but if bf-ing goes well I shouldn't need one until maternity leave is up.
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  • I am in the same boat also. We are moving in April so there is literally no point in setting anything up, and we have bought absolutely nothing for this kid. Hoping to move DD to a big girl bed around moving time and then we will at least be able to put the crib into the baby's room. I need to find a dresser to go in DDs room. I haven't bought any clothes, so if this kid is a boy we will have to start from square one clothing wise. 
  • We won't set up a nursery in this apartment. We will move in August, so baby will sleep in a bassinet in our room until then. Once we move, we will have to buy DS new furniture and DD will get his and baby will get DD's. It's a little stressful for me because I like to be prepared but there's no point in decorating or buying bedding when the baby won't sleep in a crib until August. 
  • Same boat and I just started freaking out about it today.  We have so much to do for DS1's big boy room before we can focus on the nursery.  I know this is going to involve me nagging DH endlessly which neither of us will enjoy.


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  • I'm not super worried since I have most of what I need; even if there's something we need I know it'll be as simple as MH running to BRU and getting it. 

    What I am worried about is getting DD's new room ready, though. It's painted but we still need to clean out a bunch of crap and get her a bed. I'm also worried about the transition to a new room but that's a whole other issue :wink:.
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  • We have to convert our formal dining room we never use into an extra bedroom for baby and we are going to do it mostly ourselves and we haven't even started the project. Oh, and my C/S is already scheduled for June 28th! I'm not that worried about having the nursery for baby to sleep in but I want the room set up so that all the baby stuff has a place to go and I can get organized. All my saved stuff is still in the garage and I don't feel like I can start sorting through it until I have somewhere to put things. I felt like this pregnancy was going super slow until like last week and and now all of a sudden I'm like "oh crap, not ready!"

    @emnoahmom ;and @kellz14 I also didn't like the armsreach cosleeper. Maybe it depends on your bed but it didn't really fit up against ours snugly and wasn't any easier to get the baby in and out of at night than a pack n play. I bought a Halo Swivel Bassinet on our local buy/sell group that I am super excited about. It adjusts up far enough that you can pull it slightly over the mattress so the baby really is right there and easy to reach.
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  • I'm pretty confident that we're adequately prepared for our 2nd girl. We kept *everything* from DD#1. DH has put together the crib in our room and DD got a big girl bed this past weekend. Other than that, I purchased new bottles/pacifiers and will wash DD's old clothes when I'm closer to my due date. We purchased a double stroller but haven't put it together yet. DD#1 is 3.5 so we really only use a stroller if we have an all-day excursion planned.

    the 1st child/2nd child image above was hilarious. I'm not stressing so much with this kid. We've done this before. If I need anything along the way, I know I can either run to Target or have Amazon deliver it.

  • This is actually the most prepared I've felt for a baby. lol.

    Since we found out so early (12 weeks) it's a boy, I've had lots of time to decide on the nursery. I sewed the crib set and was so excited to do it, it's been done for months. We also have a 4 bedroom home and his room was a very minimal guest bedroom that we just had to move out a bed. We moved DD2 out of the crib in December since she was already 3 yrs old, it was time.

    I was freaking out clothes, but a good friend gave us a bunch of her stuff from having a boy last summer. I just finished washing and folding all that so now I at least have more than a diaper to put him in.

    I do keep following the posts here and jotting things I suddenly remember we need as they come up. DH is amazed I can even have any list at this point, but he doesn't remember things like nipple cream and pads.

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  • I somehow don't really believe i'm actually HAVING a second baby. Like, I rationally know it and I am certainly pregnant as hell but I can't really imagine that it is happening so soon. I started looking at pinterest stuff for  "tiny baby rooms" because her "room" will be a glorified hallway but that's about it. 
  • @givemepenguinss that picture sums it up.  It is so true, and even more true for the third.  :o
  • @CorkySinclair I feel a little that way too. Last time it was all so exciting and new I seriously thought about being pregnant all the time. Now that I've done it before and not that long ago, I honestly forget sometimes. I've eaten things that I never would have first pregnancy and not because I was less worried, just because I didn't think about it.
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  • Omg...  I have three boy onesies... That's it!!! (I have Ali the gear from DD, but ahhhh).  So crazy how different baby 1 and baby 2 prep is!!!!
  • Magical April is going pretty well for us. DD's big girl room is painted, has a dresser, built the bed today, and she's really excited about it. We still want a bookcase and a low window has a blanket temporarily covering it because we need to get some custom cordless shades/curtains, but she could move in soon!
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  • I've done zero. Not one thing.

    The only things I need to do are:
    -wash DD's old clothes (team green - if this LO is a boy he's just going to wear what we have until I feel up for shopping)
    -get new tubing/flange for my pump
    -Unpack the baby toys and swing
    -set up the playpen with bassinet attachment, but it's at DD's daycare for her naps so I'll do that last minute
    -check if I have newborn diapers in my stash of diapers DD outgrew, buy them if not
    -install the bucket seat base in our vehicles

    I'm debating whether to move DD into the twin bed before the baby comes. She'll be 2.5 when LO is born and she's still in the crib - never shown any sign of trying to crawl out and sleeps awesome at night (not so much naps) so I'm reluctant to mess with that, but I'm also reluctant to add stress/transition to her/my life after the baby comes. So I'm avoiding thinking about it intentionally because I'm in denial.

    Can't think of anything else... I'm honestly not feeling like I have a lot to do so it's not stressing me out. I feel like I can get the majority of it done in one productive day, aside from DD's sleeping arrangements which like I said I'm willfully ignoring. 
  • @DobbysSock Our DD is in the same boat as far as sleeping, but we've decided to move her early so she doesn't think baby is stealing her stuff. Plus, with a SIDS death in DH's family, we always put baby in a crib to sleep. Nothing else feels safe enough to us. DD's only 19 months, but the girls in our family have all moved out of cribs earlier. I figure we'll manage and I'd rather get it over with. We're doing a toddler bed though since she's so little still.
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