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35w3d FTM question about symptoms

I am 35w3d pregnant.  Wanting to know if these symptoms mean my baby is on her way, not due until April 30.  On Sunday, there were times I could barely walk bc I was experiencing a great deal of pain and pressure.  Yesterday, I believe my mucous plug came out bc there was a huge amount of mucous when I wiped, slightly brown in color, followed by mild, yet uncomfortable contractions.  Had routine prenatal visit, dr not concerned bc I'm past 34 weeks, said to call if water breaks.  Today I have been experiencing the same contractions all day long, nothing major but moving is painful no matter what.  Could these be signs that labor is coming sooner than my actual due date?

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  • I would say that you're doctor would be able to provide a better, more educated answer for you...as it sounds like he/she has. I am betting though that the doctor does not suspect you'll be going into labor since you weren't offered the steroid shots for baby's lungs. I went in for monitoring at 35w3d and they gave me the shots just in case.
  • I hate to break it to you, but if your Dr is not worried I would not be worried.  A lot of what you are experiencing is normal, especially if you are carrying low.  I find BH contractions uncomfortable, but you will definitely know when you are having real contractions and they start getting closer together.  The pressure sucks as does the waiting.  
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    What @Ready4theParty and @yodiggity said.. if that was the case, I think we'd all be going early. But hey, a girl can dream! Hang in there!
  • As far as I know the only signs that labor is actually right around the corner or has begun is your water breaking and contractions the are consistent and gradually get closer, longer, and more painful over time. Anything else is just a normal pregnancy symptom when you're this far along. 
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  • I'm almost 35 weeks and I've been having a ton of Braxton Hicks, low menstrual like cramping in my back and front of my belly. Sharper pains too. Nothing consistent or able to time. All the symptoms I've been experiencing simply mean my body is getting ready. Whether it will be a couple weeks or I'll go up until my c section date, who knows. Joys of the 3rd trimester. 
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