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Endometriosis and IUI

I'm just curious if anyone on here has endometriosis and IUIs were successful for them? I have my first IUI in a few days but am really just feeling depressed about the whole thing. Everything I've read so far says that iui success with endo is pretty much non-existent so am wondering if we are just wasting our money  :/ Thanks in advance to any encouragement you can give.

FWIW, I had my son naturally despite having stage 4 endo and not knowing it. I also got pregnant naturally after my last surgery but miscarried. That's the only thing that is convincing me to give it a try at this point. Both tubes are - sort of - opened. Had an HSG and they were slow to drain. Then did a sono and the RE said he could tell they were open (not sure how he could tell since we only filled up the uterus but c'est la vie). This cycle we are doing femara, trigger shot and progesterone. Oh, and lots and lots of praying.
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11/2013- Diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis
07/2014- emergency surgery to remove hemorrhaging cyst first RE missed, removed endo from fallopian tubes, hsg done, d&c performed to remove polyphs in uterus, femvue done, put on dexamethasone and metformin
08/2014- miscarriage, second RE refuses to mark down in charts, switch again
03/2016- IUI #1, waiting for results on April 17

Re: Endometriosis and IUI

  • I had success on my third IUI after 3 years of trying to conceive. I was on femara 7.5 cd 2-9 with trigger shot. No progesterone. When we went in I only had one and I had doomed the cycle before it even started. I will say that I had been diagnosed with mild endo back in 2013 and have been off birth control since then. I felt like I wanted to give IUI a good try before we moved on because it's less invasive and cheaper. I wish you all the best!
  • I have severe endo and I had 5 unsuccessful IUI's.   We even tried 6 months of lupron to see if it helped.  I also had 2 surgeries to remove endo during that time. Both times they were stage 3.  I got pregnant with my first IVF cycle, and I wished I had skipped through the IUI's  and gone straight to IVF.  We wasted over 10 grand.  

    Hope you're more successful with IUI's than I was. 
    Me: 36 (Endo) DH: 39 (Azoo)
    5 DIUI - BFN
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    FET#1 - BFP Due 7/24/14
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