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    @DarkCat I had 6 hostesses which is a lot. I was stressed about the thank you gift. I ended up getting them all banana bread to tie in with the Hawaiian themed shower and sent along a thank you note. We went to Maui for our honeymoon and banana bread is big there and incredibly delicious. It was an inexpensive option and was a huge hit! 
  • June 16 Mom here.

    1) Congratulations to @MamaBish on baby Savannah. I had been following your story back in the TTGP board. I'm so very happy for you, and hope everything is going well. Absolutely have the shower.

    2) I  think the moms throwing a baby shower is not a big deal anymore, and I'm very strict about etiquette. Many people I know (I'm in the northeast) have the moms host the baby shower. My shower is today, and my mom is the hostess. I think it's more frowned upon for moms to throw a bridal shower, but even that is going away. It was different when people would get married much younger and go from their parents house to their house with their husband. I'm 33 years old, and have been independent from my parents for over a decade. The only people who should not throw a baby shower is the mom or dad to be.

  • DarkCat said:
    So........ is everyone getting the hostess a gift? Are flowers and a thank you card okay? 
    I had one a few weeks ago and we gave the hostesses gift boxes from bath and body works. We gave the hostesses for the one today bottles of wine and movie gift cards. I think flowers are nice! 
  • @winnie1122, your SIL is very talented! Everything looks gorgeous! 
  • So a group of women at the gym I workout at threw me a surprise diaper shower. It was so sweet! Everyone brought a package of diapers and a couple also gave books and a little toy or two. One woman took the lead in throwing it together.

    My question is how do I thank them? Obviously there was many verbal thank yous and hugs but I'm not sure about thank you cards. I know there were some women who didn't bring anything but were there just by chance, showing up at that specific class time...And there was also no names attached to the packages of diapers so I'm not positive who actually brought something. I would feel like a total ass writing a thank you card to someone who didn't bring anything. Like I'm trying to be a jerk about it or something. 

    any ideas? I thought maybe wrap up some cookies and hand out individual bags of them. I'm hesitant to do personalized thank yous because I'm not 100% on who gifted us diapers. But I could write out thanks yous for the host and the other women who got us other things in addition to the diapers. 
  • @MamaBish I was curious if you ended up having your baby shower?
     I decided to cancel mine because I couldn't have driven 4 hours away from Henry at the time my shower was supposed to be. My question for everyone is do you think it would be okay to have a party once we get back home when Henry gets out of the hospital?  My thoughts were to have a sip and see party where everyone gets to meet Henry and drink and just hang out. It would be similar to a diapers and kegs party.  But since we have already bought most of what we need would it be weird to ask people to just bring diapers or no gifts? Ideas? Thoughts? I'm just confused as to what is appropriate in this situation! 
  • @abpl2014 Sip and see party sounds fun. I would tell people not to bring gifts if I was throwing it myself.  That would seem like the most appropriate thing to do. And those who really want to bring a gift regardless will ignore you and bring one :) 

  • @abpl2014 Had a coworker who had her baby 6 weeks early due to high blood pressure. Since we weren't able to have her shower we did a "Meet & Greet" party once he was healthy enough to be around so many people. It seemed to work pretty well. We said that gifts were optional and a lot of people brought cute baby outfits and diapers. Hopefully that helps! You wouldn't be the first to throw a party once baby is here :)
  • @apbl2014 I agree with previous posters. A meet and greet (or whatever cute name you use) is a great idea. I'd say "no gifts" to be polite but many will probably bring something anyways esp if you never had a shower. 
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  • @kellz14 @HoneyBear40 @sboston06 thanks for the advice ladies! I'll let you know how it turns out once we have it! 
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  • Ok, that's cool actually. 
  • @Nzamorw I LOVE what you wore! That blue is beautiful on you!
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  • Thank you so much @Jodi1980
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