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Hi all. Is there anyone here with an older toddler that had a late diagnosis of hip dysplasia? I searched and found mention of some with newborns or young infants who were using harnesses but didn't see anything with older children. 

My husband and I noticed our DS had a bit of a limp when he started walking at 13 months, but thought it was because he was just learning. When it didn't improve as he had more experience, we brought it to the attention of our pediatrician but he didn't feel it was anything to worry about at the time. At his last well visit he saw a nurse practitioner who did notice a discrepancy in his leg length. We just got back today from seeing the pediatric orthopedist and after a thorough exam and X-rays, he does in fact have left hip dysplasia with dislocation. Because he's much older, it's going to require surgical intervention, unfortunately. All this is nervewracking, but I'd say my biggest worry is that I'm expecting LO#2 around the time they are suggesting surgery for DS. After surgery he'll be in a spica cast for at least 6 weeks. (I'm really hoping this will be done prior to next LO arriving, as I'll be having a repeat csection and won't be able to lift my already 30 lb toddler plus the cast!) 

Anyone have any any experience with anything like this? Any recommendations or advice on how I can prepare? Thanks in advance! 

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Re: Hip dysplasia

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    We are going to the exact same situation with our almost 16 month old daughter. My repeat c-section is scheduled for this Friday 4/21 with LO#2. We were hoping to get her surgery scheduled for beforehand as not to delay the recovery, but they don't have any surgical openings until 5/9. Thankfully my mom is coming to help with both kiddos for as long as I need her.

    I felt frustrated after the diagnosis that this was not caught earlier so that we might have had the harness option when she was tiny.

    I don't have any real advice for you, just empathy. I am pinning tons of stuff on Pinterest about diapering and sleeping positions in the spica cast. 

    We are are thinking of ordering this product that a woman on Etsy developed called Hip Stix to help with diapering. I am anxious to hear if anyone else has any advice or suggestions.
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    We were so lucky that our DDH was caught before we ever left the hospital but I am part of a fantastic FB group called 'Hip Dysplasia in Babies (clicky hips or CDH, DDH)'
    There are people dealing with it in all stages there.  I found it to be so helpful to have a community of people that really understood and could offer advice, or just a place to vent when you feel bummed about it all.  
    Wishing you both the best of luck!
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    This is something i can relate to with my baby. I can only advice to stay strong, i wish things will change for you 
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