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PGAL Check-in 3/28/16


Re: PGAL Check-in 3/28/16

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    @MrsBinPA I'm happy to see your update and that news was good today!
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    Awesome news @MrsBinPA !!!!
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    Fertility Appointment: Feb 23/16, Hysteroscopy 03/02/2016,
    BFP #4: 03/31/16 EDD 12/01/2016 
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    @FiancB I agree...especially since that practice can't see me till 10 weeks. I think because they can't see me and don't know why I miscarried last time they're trying to be cautious. I'm still taking walks but I'm nervous about doing other exercise like yoga and my dance classes. And I'm pissed about the sex. I feel like the first trimester is high time to get it while I can. I think the practice in my town (the only one) is pretty awful though. It's rural and the ob gyns last about a year there. Right now they have 2 ob gyns for the entire town. 

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