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How many weeks?

How big is baby?

Upcoming appts?


Do you have plans to do anything baby related this week?

GTKY: Drop you favourite mocktail or drink recipe here!

ETA:  I edited to replace symptoms with R/R/?  I think most of us are feeling better now and I like having a place where people can ask any questions they have!  I also added the question about baby-related plans because I remember this from my last BMB and it gets fun as we get further along!

Re: Monday Ticker Change

  • How many weeks? 17 weeks! 

    How big is baby? Pregnant chicken said it was an iPhone! Ha! I'm assuming not the plus version but maybe the regular iPhone size? Lol. Loved that comparison. 

    Upcoming appts? Anatomy scan April 22nd can't come soon enough! 

    How are you feeling? Eh. Not that great yet. Nausea, anxious, etc. 

    Do you have plans to do anything baby related this week? I've been working on our sex reveal party, we went to check out baby gear yesterday and every day I poke around on our registry. Baby obsessed over here. Heading to Hawaii at the end of this week so hopefully that'll calm me down. 

    GTKY: Drop you favourite mocktail or drink recipe here! Well, I'm super boring and didn't drink even before pregnant so my favorite thing right now is lots of ice, half lemonade and half water. Heaven for my nausea 
  • How many weeks?
    17 weeks

    How big is baby?
    The size on an onion

    Upcoming appts?
    Nothing this week

    How are you feeling?
    Awesome, and as of late last week I officially feel "pregnant".  It's like suddenly overnight felt my centre of balance shift when I walk and I feel like I'm sticking my belly out way further now. 

    Do you have plans to do anything baby related this week?
    Not really.  Still trying to find the perfect diaper bag for two.  I bought a Skip Hop duo but DH and I agreed it's just too small (smaller than my current bag that needs replacing) so I think we're going to order the twin version online.  I'm nervous because in the pictures it looks huge and I really don't want to deal with trying to return something to Amazon if we don't like it, but I think that's our only choice right now.

    GTKY: Drop you favourite mocktail or drink recipe here!
    I'm normally a wine drinker so when I have to look at a cocktail menu and guess what might taste good without the alcohol I'm at a total loss :(

  • @mom2adoodle I love fun comparisons for baby size :)

    How many weeks? 16

    How big is baby? Avocado or Action figure

    Upcoming appts? 4/21, doctor said he could sneak in an ultrasound to find out sex!  Since our AS won't be until 2-3 weeks after that, I was super excited 

    Rants/Raves/Questions: My vivid dreams are freaking me out.  Last night I dreamed I went into labor at 17 weeks, I woke up at 3 and couldn't fall back asleep because I was so stressed.  

    Do you have plans to do anything baby related this week? I have to get our basement cleaned out so we can move all the junk from the spare room down there, to switch the spare room to the nursery.  It's daunting when I don't look at it in steps.  

    GTKY: Drop you favourite mocktail or drink recipe here!  I am pretty boring, I've been drinking lots of water :/

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  • How many weeks? 14

    How big is baby? size of a lemon

    Upcoming appts? nothing until middle of April, this is the dreaded "4 week stretch" 

    Rants/Raves/Questions: at my last appointment last week I complained about having lot of headaches.  She put me on Magnesium and I feel so much better!

    Do you have plans to do anything baby related this week? nope.  I think DH wants to announce on FB, but I'm just not comfortable with it yet.  We'll see what happens.  I haven't totally decided yet.

    GTKY: Drop you favourite mocktail or drink recipe here!  I do love my wine so since that's out I have to find something "fun" to drink this summer to replace it.  Lately it's just been water with lemon or iced tea. 
  • How many weeks? 14 - hello second trimester!

    How big is baby? cupcake

    Upcoming appts? not until april 12.

    Rants/Raves/Questions: At church yesterday the (lady) reverend put her hand on my belly for a blessing. She knows I'm knocked up and I normally wouldn't mind, but I was kind of embarrassed that my bump seemed obvious enough for touching. :/ 

    Do you have plans to do anything baby related this week? Talk to my boss about maternity leave -- small 8 person company and I'm the only girl. There's no policy, FMLA doesn't apply, and I'm not expecting paid leave. Fingers crossed I can talk him into letting me come back after new years!

    GTKY: Drop you favourite mocktail or drink recipe here! I don't drink cocktails, just occasional wine/beer. But I'm digging faux mojitos. I asked a bartender to surprise me once and ended up with a yucky sweet cranberry based concoction. Lesson learned.

    @mom2adoodle Half lemonade/half water has been my primary alternative to water all the time lately. It's the best.Enjoy Hawaii! 
  • How many weeks? 17!

    How big is baby? Onion

    Upcoming appts?  My anatomy scan is 4/19 and my second glucose test is 4/22 so that's a big week.  Nothing until then though.

    Rants/Raves/Questions:  We got our full chromosome report from the amnio last Friday and everything was normal!  I hung up the phone and cried I was so relieved and thankful.  Our micro-array results will take another week or two but we are very encouraged that this is a perfectly healthy baby boy.  They also tested the AFP value (in place of the second tri quad screen blood work) and that was totally normal as well.  

    Do you have plans to do anything baby related this week?  I would like to paint the nursery this weekend.  We'll see how DH feels about helping me.  He hates painting!

    GTKY: Drop you favourite mocktail or drink recipe here!  I don't really drink mixed drinks so I don't have any mocktail recipes either!  
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  • @Sarafuss what a great update!  So glad everything that's come back so far has been clear!
  • How many weeks? 14 YAY SECOND TRIMESTER!!!!!!!!!!

    How big is baby? lemon/8oz filet mignon

    Upcoming appts? Just a check up on Wednesday, I hope we will be scheduling the anatomy scan then

    Rants/Raves/Questions: Still haven't bought any baby things, still kinda held back by needing to purge first to fit anything and the possibility of moving.  I saw everyone talking about the target deal but I'm in a 1k sq ft appt and do not have room nicely store boxes of diapers, I mean I could stack them in the corner but..........

    Do you have plans to do anything baby related this week? We told H's extended fam and then fb yesterday.

    GTKY: Drop you favourite mocktail or drink recipe here!  I'm not a cocktail person but while hiding my non-drinking I get cranberry juice and club soda with wine.  One time at bar I noticed several of their drinks had a fruit puree in it so I ordered a lemonade with fruit puree what was amazing.  

    Little guy born in September 2016
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  • How many weeks? 16

    How big is baby? Avocado/some fancy Parisian pear dessert

    Upcoming appts? Just had my 16 week appt today and schedule my A/S for 4/25!

    Rants/Raves/Questions: I was just so relieved that the doctor found baby's heartbeat immediately today. After the scare at 12 weeks, I feel like I've been on a high all day since we got to hear it with no stress this time. Galloping right along at 145 BPM. Also excited to have my anatomy scan scheduled. I can't wait to find out if we have a little girl or a little boy in there. We'll probably do a FB announcement that we're expecting on Saturday--it's our son's birthday and I think it would be cute to announce something about how his best gift is coming in September. 

    Do you have plans to do anything baby related this week? Not really. I'll probably save most things until after the a/s and we know if we're having a boy or a girl. 

    GTKY: Drop you favourite mocktail or drink recipe here!

    add me to the boring list. Sparkling lemonade is as exciting as it's been getting around here. And even that is usually watered down. I should get some margarita mix though. That sounds sooooo good. 

  • How many weeks? 16 weeks

    How big is baby? Avocado

    Upcoming appts? Had one last week, so not for another four weeks.

    Rants/Raves/Questions: Nothing really. RLP seems to be starting. DH is about to be leaving to support one of the nuclear plants in his company's fleet whole they're in a refueling outage. Lots of time gone, with me home alone. :frowning: On the positive, I heard the baby kick by Doppler last week. I'm finally feeling pretty secure in this pregnancy, and we announced on FB yesterday, so we're finally fully public! 

    Do you have plans to do anything baby related this week? Not really. I'll at my parents for the first half of the week, then my in-laws are at my house for the second half. Both with probably want to do some talking names/registry work, though.

    GTKY: Drop you favourite mocktail or drink recipe here! I haven't done much mixed drink faking, but La Croix had been a nice substitute. I saw a really tasty-looking recipe for a cucumber-blueberry lemonade somewhere, but I can't remember where now! I plan to try to recreate it once the berries are in season.
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  • How many weeks? 18 weeks! 

    How big is baby? Sweet potato! 

    Upcoming appts? Had our anomaly sano today! All looked good, measuring on time, they estimated baby weighing 7oz! 

    Rants/Raves/Questions: nope... I'm a BTDT mom and not too long ago, I feel like I never have anything to say here! Good or bad, meh. One less thing to worry about! 

    Do you have plans to do anything baby related this week? Baby related not really, but we leave for a FL vacation tomorrow morning! 

    GTKY: Drop you favourite mocktail or drink recipe - don't have a recipe but I went to The Chocolate Bar last night and they have "no-tini" recipes I had a chocolate mint one ... OMG it was heaven! 
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