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Bf baby won't take bottle

any tips guys?! She's 11 weeks old and have had success just the once! She goes crazy and upsets herself and when dad tries it's even worse!
i need to be able to get some time out - I've not been able to leave her yet as she's an unpredictable feeder but I'd like to know I could go out and someone else could feed her!
Others have suggested cup feeding?!

Re: Bf baby won't take bottle

  • Have you tried different bottle brands? Made sure the nipple flow isn't too much for her? I know you said when your SO tries it's even worse, but have you tried to let him feed and then leave the room? It's crazy but babies can tell when you're trying to fool them with something other than a boob when you have the real thing right there....my LO is almost 10 weeks and she doesn't take bottles well from me at all unless she's HUNGRY and we're in the car...hopefully some of those suggestions help! 
  • Literally just solved this problem today. I needed to get her to take a bottle since I go back to work Tuesday. When I talked to her doctor she told me to get out of the house for seven hours. It was tough but I know it's what she needed. She's taken 4 bottles now for a total at 9oz!! Hooray! She didn't take the first one until the 5th hour I was gone. 
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  • I've been back at work for 4 weeks now. LO was STILL struggling with the bottle as of early last week. Some days she took it fine, and other days she refused to eat until I got home. It was SO stressful for me each day wondering if she was going to eat that day. We tried several different bottles with the same result: some days she was fine, other days she refused. Finally a friend (who experienced the same thing with her 5 month old) told me about the Comotomo bottle. We borrowed our friend's to try out, and LO has now gone five days in a row drinking from the Comotomo without any struggle. I've ordered my own, and have my fingers crossed that this bottle is the answer! It's designed specifically for breastfed babies who have to also take a bottle. Here's the link:

  • Thanks for all the suggestions! I did leave the room but it pained me hearing her so distressed and my husband was getting frustrated!
    ill try again and maybe leave house. Have tried two diff bottles, I guess we need to persevere! 
    Has anyone tried cup feeding?
  • Hi yes this is my life.  Refuses bottle and is an unpredictable eater so I only leave for a max of 2 hr periods at a time.  I feel very fortunate because I work from home and she only eats in 6 minute increments (which doctor said is fine because she has great weight gain), but still, the bottle would offer flexibility.  My doctor said the same as pp - leave for 7 hrs and try different brands.  Haven't emotionally been able to do this yet. 
  • It was very tough to leave her but I know it was necessary since I HAVE to leave her soon. Even if I was going to be SAHM, I would eventually have to do it for sanity sake. I'm not sure if you've heard this, but don't switch bottles too often. My mom and sis are here so they insisted that my husband and I get out for the 7 hours. Added bonus: she slept 9 hours straight last night! 
  • I haven't left her for any time other than a shower or nap!
  • Would someone be able to stay with LO and try it out? 
  • Yeah I need to sort something soon! It's just ive been reluctant as she won't take bottle and it's hard to time her feedings!
  • What size nipple are you using? It may be too small or too large for the flow LO is looking for. 
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    If it happens that she still refuses to take the bottle and you have to get back to work- I would suggest you try other feeding methods. I also need to start training my little one to feed on the bottle soon, so while researching about this I've come across feeding alternatives like using a syringe, a cup or even a spoon. 
    Mommy needs to go back to work and baby needs to eat (even if it means not using a bottle).
  • I've seen something called a doidy cup? Anyone used it?
    We had a little break through yest - she took 2 ounces from dad yesterday! Might have been a fluke but fingers crossed. Didn't try today. How much would you expect them to take in a feed?

  • My 9week old takes 2-3oz a feeding. And congrats on the first bottle! 
  • I did one weighted feed and my baby ate around 6 oz, but I think 4 is more common. 
  • My 10 week old takes 4 oz in her bottle.  We do a bottle once a day so she stays used to it and also so she gets her vitamin D supplement in that bottle.
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