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Bleeding on Progesterone

Ugh. *TMI Alert* Yesterday morning I had pink spotting that turned into a full blown red blood gusher. ( out of the blue! ) As in I had to change a pad. Then it trailed off to just brown spotting in the afternoon and no bleeding since then. I am so freaked out. My insides kind of burn so I don't know if my cervix is irritated from the progesterone suppositories or if I am miscarrying. I have an appt first thing on Monday morning to get checked out. This weekend is going to be so tough. I have put myself on bed rest. Anyone else bleed on progesterone suppositories and go on to be fine? 

Re: Bleeding on Progesterone

  • Sorry you are going through this. After 2 losses I know it's so hard emotionally especially waiting to see what's going on. I started progesterone suppositories about a week ago and I have not had any bleeding. The most I've had is a bit of orange discharge but it's from the pill (it's a orange/brown color) thoughts and prayers all is ok!
  • I have no experience, but I'm hoping you get good news Monday.


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  • Sorry for the stress this weekend! Hopefully your appointment on Monday goes well.
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